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Rubric: Stock Assessment

Stock assessment dividends

Stock assessment – service which takes a special position in the activity of any appraisal company. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that in most cases, in order to carry out such evaluation of securities the appraiser needs to be sufficiently deep into the business processes in the enterprise. The majority stocks price is influenced by a multitude of factors, all of which must be considered.

During the work, all data from the balance sheet of the enterprise and its financial results report are analyzed. Here, all sections of the balance sheet play an important role. Special attention is paid to non-current assets, including fixed assets, non-material asset and investment. Also, during the valuation of stocks, attention should be paid to the accounts receivable and payable of the enterprise. And also there is often after revaluation of assets and liabilities, the result is significantly different from the nominal value.

In addition to the analysis of property, property rights and obligations of the enterprise in the course of determining the value of stocks, as already mentioned, it is necessary to understand the business processes of the enterprise. After all, it is obviously categorically wrong to treat a running company that generates profit as a simple set of assets and liabilities. At the same time, competent preparation of business plan and forecasts of business development – tasks are not trivial. And require from the appraiser and appraisal company without exaggeration huge experience of such work.

Our appraisal company has a lot of experience in stock evaluation. Including for large international companies during the procedure of a squeeze-out (buyback of shares and minority shareholders) or additional issue of securities (increase of authorized capital). Given that such work is often checked by the National Securities and Stock Market Commission, the choice of appraiser should be approached with knowledge.

Therefore, to give you the opportunity to pre-deal with the issue by yourself, we offer a selection of thematic articles. And, of course, for any questions related to the evaluation of the stock, please contact us for advice!


Stock Assessment in Ukraine

Corporate rights are very similar to the stocks market value service. However, there are of course some features. It is very important that the customer of such work understand that there is no direct relationship between the estimated value of the shares and their nominal price.