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Rubric: Construction and repair (interior decoration)

The builder

Here we will collect and publish interesting articles on the peculiarities of work on improvement of interior decoration. And also materials on the general topic. This information is certainly of great interest to a wide range of our readers. After all, the finishing work and general approaches to the issue for non-residential premises, apartments, individual residential building or cottages are not too different from each other.

If you are going to start the renovation of the apartment or even more so plan to build a house, it is very important to understand all the details of the upcoming events. Unfortunately, the majority of builders perform the task exactly as it was set by the customer. And sometimes because of this with violation of building regulations and technologies. Therefore, you, as a customer, it is important to understand in detail all issues. To be able to not only correctly set the task to the masters. But also competently control its execution.

How to move to the country house in a smart way

If you are tired of living in an apartment among an urban anthill, – you have to move. What is better to choose: the construction of a new house «turnkey» on the outskirts or the purchase of ready-made housing in the suburb? Reconstruct the old house or buy land and build «from scratch»? How to approach the selection of the district in the area and the specific land plot? Village or country cooperative?

Types of shingles: advantages and disadvantages

One of the most important structural elements of any private residential building is the roof. In turn, the main element of the roof, both in terms of design and for performing the basic functions of protecting the house from atmospheric phenomena is the material of the roof. This article summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of using shingle of different types.

What is better: Building or Buying a House

In order to clearly define for yourself what is more profitable: buy a house or build it by yourself, consider all the for and against of one and two options of obtaining or creating own housing.

Wood-burning oven: best and worst wood

Over the past few years, wood heating has become increasingly popular for individual residential heating. Some use this type of heating as the main, others as an additional element of creating comfort in your summer house or cottage. How to choose the right wood for your favourite fireplace?

Independent power supply in the apartment or house step by step

Intermittent power outages prior to the 2022 war were due to various causes. Even then, many owners thought about how you can budget autonomous lighting in a house or apartment. In the past, the lights were out relatively infrequently, so few people have implemented the idea. However, the situation has changed dramatically since the autumn of 2022.