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How to understand that the shock absorbers or racks are faulty?

Repair (replacement) of a shock absorber in a car

The fundamental elements of the automotive suspension can be called shock absorbers, as well as racks assembled. From their performance directly depends not only comfort, but also handling, the behavior of the car during turns and sharp turns. Faulty shock absorbers can cause you to crash while making some maneuver. But the driver remembers the suspension when the vehicle begins to behave unpredictably. The leaked oil is the most telling sign that something is wrong with the shock absorbers.

But how do you know it’s time to change the shock absorbers if the oil doesn’t flow out. If the shock absorbers are flowing, you can write them off. But the trick is that the rack stops working properly long before the hydraulic fluid comes out. The machine becomes worse to drive, sometimes much worse, and wear begins to threaten other suspension elements. If the case is going to go on its own, even tires suffer, and the risk of accidents is growing rapidly.

In short, worn shock absorbers in best way for you an expensive repair of the suspension of the car, and about the worst case do not even want to talk about. If the shock absorbers are flowing, this is the finish, it is important to identify their malfunction much earlier, and the signs here will be next.

Signs of shock absorber failure

  1. Steering vibration.

Small road roughness is beginning to affect the steering by pushing the wheel out of the driver’s hand. And all because the fat plate in the shock absorber wore out and began to let oil pass the bypass valve. The stock began to walk freely. All irregularities are transmitted not only to the steering wheel, but also to the spines of everyone who rides in the car.

  1. The car began to behave differently during the braking, namely, pecking at the nose.

Many off-road vehicles, as well as trucks do so already from the conveyor belt, but for a simple car it is clearly abnormal. She’s not so tall and heavy to make these moves.

  1. Vehicle changes trajectory, jumps on the carriageway.

This is already a clear sign that the replacement of the shock absorbers should be carried out yesterday. Further ignoring the situation will lead to more problems.

  1. When the machine has worn posts, the stopping distance increases.

Suspension elements are no longer able to ensure that the wheels are sufficiently pressed against the asphalt. The brake pedal has to be pressed earlier and pushed deeper, but the trunk in front of the car is still coming too fast.

  1. Tyre tread wear also indicates wear on the shock absorber racks.

Sometimes tires are washed differently because the pressure in them is different. If you’re pumping tires to the norm with high precision, you’ll have to go to the diagnostic. Shock absorbers are the best that can happen.

If the geometric parameters of the body are «gone», it indicates that the car has been in a severe accident – turned over, for example. Sometimes uneven tyre wear due to vehicle geometry.

How much usually use shock absorbers

And finally, let’s tell how many shock absorbers the car serves. It all depends on your style of driving. For economical motorists, this part works up to 100,000 km. In extreme travel mode, the flow of hydraulic fluid can occur as early as 30,000 km. You can pull over on a lying policeman or in large pits, and the shock absorber will order a long life of 10,000 km.

Average life of shock absorbers is 50-70 thousand. km. Serviceable condition provides not only comfort in the trip, but also safety. Remember this, diagnose and change shock absorbers on time!