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Hybrid Cars – pros and cons

Instrument panel Toyota Camry Hybrid

10-20 years ago the talk about hybrid cars and electric cars was considered to a fairy tale. There were ideas, but their implementation seemed distant. But today the hybrid motor transport increases the number of its «individuals». In addition to electric cars, there are also electric cutters, which even in small towns sell well. Why an electric car is necessary and why it is relevant, is clear. The planet is facing an environmental disaster if the number of vehicles with conventional combustion engines grows at the same rate as the last 10-15 years.

Ecology and Economy

In addition to ecology, there are other benefits of electric cars. The most important is considered to be the depletion of oil and even gas reserves. Scientists are fully committed to improving electric vehicles, and the world is acquiring more and more cars. But Ukraine is not so fast «electric vehicles». We do not yet have either electric transport production or numerous owners. Of course, hybrid cars and we are actively selling. For example, a very popular option is a hybrid model from the legendary Toyota Camry. But the number of hybrid cars compared to conventional engines is still small. Although, according to the managers of the car show Toyoya Center Kyiv Autosamit on the Kharkiv highway, 179 percent of the cars sold hybrids is growing.

Why so far on the routes of our country have not begun to move huge flows of electric vehicles or auto hybrids? Let’s look at the background of this situation. In this we will help us to review the advantages and disadvantages of hybrid cars.

The main advantages of hybrid cars.

Hybrid cars have a number of positive advantages like:

  1. Fuel saved 15-40% – depending on the car model and mode of operation.
  2. CO2 is emitted 30% less than ICE (Internal combustion engines).
  3. Refueling frequency can be reduced.
  4. The state provides various benefits to buyers of hybrid cars – import duties are reduced, refueling can give benefits; in general, the world is a generalized reduction of taxes on harmless cars or their removal. An American who owns a hybrid car saves about 5,000 dollars, and an European about 2,500 euros.

But not without the disadvantages of technology.

When deciding on a hybrid car, consider the disadvantages:

  • The cost of cars is a third more expensive.
  • Ukraine still insufficient number of petrol stations and service stations for electric vehicles.
  • Repair and maintenance of such machines is significantly more expensive.
  • After 6-7 years, you need to change the batteries that drive cars. Unfortunately, batteries are expensive and sometimes as inexpensive new cars.
  • Secondary market for hybrid cars is not yet developed and in fact non-existent.
  • Ukraine does not offer tax incentives to reduce hybrid machinery.

Most of the flaws can, of course, be reduced and eliminated altogether. Build gas stations over time, train repair workers, and open service centers in all cities. Increasing the output of batteries and improving technology will make them cheaper. Ukrainians, as well as residents of other European countries, will definitely start buying cars hybrids, as soon as they feel a tangible benefit from this.

We are waiting for the policy of our government to popularize electric and hybrid transport as a modern and no alternative to conventional gasoline and diesel cars.