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Is it okay to wash the car in winter when it is cold outside?

Icy car

Salt stains on the body of the car in winter are the realities of our winter, because the roads are regularly sprinkled with salt and other chemical reagents to avoid ice.

In the cold season drivers are tormented by the question of whether and how to properly wash the car in the cold. The salt that settles on the car can cause rust. But the water that will remain on the car after washing, can also cause serious problemsAfter all, it will turn into ice in the cold, after which doors can be blocked, brake pads will freeze and mirrors will freeze. In addition, ice causes cracking of the coating, which in time will have an extremely negative impact on market value of the vehicle.

So how to be a driver in winter? The answer is quite simple, you just need to approach this question intelligently weighing all the nuances.

Myths about washing cars in winter

First of all, it should be said that in winter to wash the car is not as dangerous as many people think. If you carefully wipe all the moisture from the body, and hard to reach places blown with a special compressor, then there should be no problems.

If in autumn also cover the car with hard wax, and the seals on the doors and locks processed with a special composition, it will significantly protect the car from destructive processes after washing in winter.

It is also worth noting that corrosion processes caused by the presence of salt on the body are dangerous only at a slight frost or positive temperatures. At temperatures below -8°C, corrosion processes almost stop. That is why salt can not harm the car in a severe frost, but when the temperature outside is above -5°, it is better to go to the sink. After all, salt can react with metal and start damaging the car.

How to wash car in winter

Not washing the car all winter is quite problematic, so you still have to do it. In order to avoid serious damage to the vehicle during the washing, you should follow the simple rules:

  • watch carefully for the actions of cleaners. They should not use hot water immediately after the car with frost drove into the box;
  • it is very important to NOT pour water in the engine compartment;
  • the suspension and the inside of the wheels should not be richly watered with water;
  • before you start washing in a warm room, you should let the car stand for a few minutes.

When the washing is complete, you need to remove all the moisture, blow out hard-to-reach places, dry the brakes so they do not freeze. To do this, you should drive a few tens of meters with the brake not completely pressed. While the machine is warm, a special defroster should be poured into the keyholes.

At the same time, the car should be carefully monitored. It is necessary to cover the body twice a year with a layer of protective solid wax, paint out scratches and chips, do not allow poor condition of sealers on doors and windows. In this case, salt and other corrosive substances will cause minimal damage to the car.

What else to do right after the wash

After the standard washing procedure, the car leaves the wet and warm box. To begin, you should air the car. We need to open the trunk and all the doors to reduce the humidity in the cabin. In addition, the blower and the heater should be switched on for at least a few minutes on max. This important detail will prevent fogging windows.

While the machine is ventilated, it is necessary to wipe the body, as well as to process all the seals with silicone-based lubricant. It should be noted that it is enough to apply silicone once a season, not after every wash. You also need to open the lid of the gas tank and wipe it with a cloth, because there can also get moisture.

Before leaving the car for the night, you should again ventilate the cabin. This is necessary to ensure that the temperature outside and inside was the same. Then you will not have to unfreeze the car in the morning.

After washing, do not leave the car on the hand brake for a long time, because the brake pads can freeze to it.

The locks on the doors do not freeze on all cars, however, if the owner has already encountered such a problem, they should be treated with silicone grease.

How to use self-service washes in the cold

Self-service wash in the cold

Nowadays self-service washing has become very popular. They have already appeared in many Ukrainian cities. The cost is acceptable, and the service is in great demand. For ten minutes and a hundred hryvnias you can use the services of such a wash and independently bring your vehicle in order.

Many drivers prefer to wash their own car by themselves, because they know that everything will be done qualitatively and at the highest level. Wash the car in frost at such sinks should be just like on ordinary.

But it should be said that in the extreme cold you should refrain from washing the car. Sharp temperature changes can damage paint and even glass, up to the appearance of cracks. Open self-service sinks can be used up to -5°C. If it is colder outside, it is not only uncomfortable for the driver, but also bad for the vehicle itself.

Experienced drivers advise to wash cars and after driving on the tracks, because in winter they usually sprinkle not only salt, but also chemical anti-icing substances. Such reagents have an extremely negative effect on the coating of the machine and can even cause corrosion of the body.

Most drivers prefer not to wash the car in the cold. It is much safer to wait until the temperature rises to at least -5°. If you follow all the above recommendations, then it is completely safe to wash the car in the cold.

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