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Registration of tyre sensors Prado 150 second restyle – solved!

Registration of each TPWS sensor - indication on the instrument panel

Decided to share the experience of solving the problem with the registration of tyre pressure sensors on the Toyota Prado 150 2020 (second restyle). The story of question goes like this.

Given that we had a set of metal discs lying around, we decided to put winter tires on them and, if necessary, just throw the wheels together. It is convenient in every sense:

  • No need to participate in the seasonal rush on tire service. In any case, the retooling with pre-record, loading and unloading in the rubber interior takes half a day.
  • No need to pay twice a year for retooling.
  • You can save on the resource of winter rubber, if you put it with the first snowfalls, and take it off as soon as more or less warm weather is established.

It seems like everything is simple and clear. It remains only to solve the problem with the pressure system in the tires. There is little information on forums and other sites, because only from the second Toyota Prado 150 (starting from 2017-2018) there is a function of automatic registration of the second set of pressure sensors without visiting the station, connecting the computer or cloning sensors.

Second set of pressure sensors

The set of original tire pressure sensors is several times more expensive than non-original ones. Why do you need to pay more? We bought on olx such a set, it cost in autumn of 2022 in 2000 UAH (50 dollars) for 4 pieces.

Looking ahead, these sensors are getting back to the car’s computer about twice as fast after the factory as the original Toyota sensors. We do not know what this is about, but it is convenient. It is very visible, because now I have four Chinese sensors in wheels and one original in the spare. When all were original, the data was displayed simultaneously. Now the spare is significantly behind.

We advise you to rewrite and photograph their numbers just in case before mounting the sensors on the discs and putting the rubber on! If anything goes wrong, these codes can be manually written into the car’s computer.

Next we are acting on the instruction.

  1. Install a second set of rubber discs on cars.
  2. When the ignition is switched on or the engine is started, briefly press the «harp» button three times. It is located above the brake pedal. You can only see it if you look under the torpedo. The pressure indicator on the dashboard lit up and the display will be marked Registration of each TPWS sensor.
  3. We drive at speeds of more than 40 km per hour about 30 km. It is not the speed that matters, but the time. It will take about 30 minutes to check in.
  4. New pressure sensors with spare wheel readings will be displayed.

Instructions for recording TPWS sensors in Prado 150 second restyle

Pay attention! It is not necessary to drive without stopping until the sensors are successfully registered after three times pressing the «harp» button. You press this button three times, the process of registering id codes starts. Then you drive, stopping and silencing the car as usual. After you start the engine again, «harp» you do not need to reapply! Use the machine as usual, pressure sensors will eventually register in the TPMS system.

Why pressure sensors can be not recorded

We faced with the problem that the car system stubbornly did not want to see the new pressure sensors. Already began to suspect that one or more of the new sensors are simply defective.

We did not find necessary information on the Internet. There are many posts from «academicians» who claim that this system works generally only with already prescribed sensor sets. Someone says that you need to drive only on the highway, that in the city sensors are not registered. Some everything works immediately, as expected. Others had to drive 1,500 km.

In general, the story is really unclear. After reading different forums, I came up with the following idea. If tire pressure sensors are poorly detected in urban settings, then they are hampered by some radio interference. People have suggested that other car sensors may interfere, but this is obviously a questionable proposition. We don’t have many of these systems yet. So something else is interfering.

While we were getting into it, Google started showing ads for external tire pressure systems that run on Bluetooth. I have a working hypothesis. What if the phone interferes with the Bluetooth tape and interferes with the whole process?!

Pressure sensor readings Prado 150

And yes! Turned off the Bluetooth on the phone, drove on the road 30 km at a speed of about 60 km/h and ta-da. On the display of my Prado 150 began to display correctly the readings of new sensors.

If you have problems logging the sensors on the Toyota Prado 150 second restyle, turn off all devices in the cabin that can give radio interference. In particular, bluetooth phone.

Do you need to re-register the pressure sensors when changing the wheels for the summer

Now the question remains how many tire pressure sensors remember the Prado 150 is the second restyling. The pre-order and first restyle said that the memory was only 5 cells. And every time you need to update the computer information about the sensor codes or just both sets clone. Honestly, we are not really interested, we are only interested in the second restyle.

Before we could think of the bright idea of trying to turn off the Bluetooth, we managed to order a mini-vci cord to connect the laptop to the computer of the car. We thought we would look at the bugs and see why the sensors failed. Or, as a last resort, disassemble the tires, view the sensor codes and write them manually, as was done on previous versions of 150th Prado.

Given that the sensors did prescribe, we did not have to do all this. But when we connected the laptop to the car, we saw that we had 10 cells in my memory to store the identification codes for the tire pressure sensors. We only saw the sensor data on the spot, but the menu also mentioned a second set of five. Most likely, the numbers of all 10 sensors are stored in the memory, and in the transition to summer rubber no action at all.

In 2023 spring, when we change the set of discs, we will try not to forget and write here about it. As a last resort, even if re-registration is required, this is no longer a problem. Update! After changing the rubber I did not wait for the car itself «picked up» the second set. The truth and I drove quite a bit. However, the summer tyre sensors were easily and quickly prescribed with the usual procedure.

What is the initialization of the tyre pressure system on the Prado 150

And finally, a little more information, maybe someone could use it. In the car manual there are two sections dedicated to the tyre pressure control system: initialization and registration. What is the difference between them?

All is quite simple. The second section – registration – is needed when you install on the car pressure sensors, which were not used earlier. Or when you periodically use more than 10 different wheels (sensors).

The initialization of the tire pressure system on our Pradics is the adjustment of the system to your preferences. Some like to pump wheels up to 2.3 or 2.4, and others drive on 2.0. I, for example, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and pump 2.1. But it is a matter of taste. In order for the system to understand which tire pressure to consider insufficient, it is necessary to «explain» what is the norm for you. To do this, it is enough to pump the wheels to the right pressure and hold the button with «harp» pressed for three seconds. Please note that after that it will be necessary to drive a little for the correct operation of the system. Approximately the same as when new sensors are prescribed. Until then, the pressure will not be displayed on the display. And at the beginning of the procedure even some time will burn the lamp with a harp. It is normal, no additional actions are required.

Once again I would like to pay you attention on all the information in this article about the problems of recording the pressure sensors in tyres, is relevant only for second restyling Prado 150! These functions were not present in earlier versions of the model.