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evaluation of the premises

Among other types of work, which related to the determination of the market value of real estate, the special place taken by evaluation of the premises. Such objects are much more complex than, for example, residential real estate, both in itself and in terms of their evaluation.

Most of the work on the valuation of premises is related to the process of concluding lease agreements for municipal real estate in Kyiv. These works are quite specific. And their main feature from the point of view of the customer is that the documents are subject to mandatory coordination in the Department of municipal property of the Kyiv City Administration. If the work is not done properly, it simply will not pass the review procedure (the inspection). And the customer will simply lose time and money. Not to mention the cases of undervaluing or forgery of documents, which unfortunately sometimes occur when working with communal and public property. But this is, as they say, another story.

The evaluation of premises requires a special approach. Each individual situation has a huge number of nuances that have a direct impact on the value of the property. Unlike apartments, where the price situation is usually obvious, commercial real estate objects «by the eye» it is impossible to evaluate. If, of course, we are talking about quality service. Such objects are almost always calculated using two, and sometimes three different approaches. It can be said, from different points of view:

  1. Analysis price proposals for the sale of similar premises.
  2. Examining the rental market for such real estate and transitioning from probable lease payments to the market value of objects.
  3. Preparation of cost lists or estimates for the purchase of land and the construction of a similar building. Although it must be said that this approach is more often used in the evaluation of detached buildings and structures.

And before the list of thematic articles we want to remind readers that the room is part of the interior space of the building. This part is usually marked with walls, as a separate object, in order to perform a certain function: store, office, warehouse etc. That is, the building consists of premises. And the room in turn cannot be «detached».

Rental rates for communal premises in Kyiv

How to determine the rental rate of communal premises in Kyiv

The most difficult question in the procedure of rental of communal property of Kyiv is reasoned decision on the expediency of this event. After all, not always rent a premise near from the city is is profitable.

Shoe repair station

Who benefits from renting municipal real estate in Kyiv?

Not a lot of people know, but the rental of municipal real estate in some cases can be very profitable compared to the rental premises of private owners. Let’s figure out when it is worth considering the option of renting communal property, and when it is not even worth wasting your time.

Taxes on real estate transactions

Taxes on sale, gift, inheritance of real estate in Ukraine

As many people know, in almost all countries of the world, any transaction with re-registration of real estate entails significant tax obligations. Ukraine is no exception. At the same time, despite the complaints of many sellers, in fact in our country, taxes on the sale of real estate are not as high as in many other countries of European Union. Our appraisers are often asked to consult not only on the direct valuation of real estate. But also for the costs that will accompany the transaction. So we decided to systematize all this information in this article.

Production room with industrial hoods

Classification of premises by humidity, temperature and dust content

When tenants choose premises for production needs, it was very difficult to pay attention to some specific characteristics of real estate. The article provides a classification of premises in terms of conducting their municipal activities. The most important parameters are temperature and humidity…

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What is the difference between flat and apartment

We analyze the significant differences between the purchase of an flat (living space) and apartments (non-residential premises). What are these «apartments», which we are trying to sell developers? The beautiful name «apartment» does not mean «luxury flat» as it may seem at first glance. It is rather «hotel room» – non-residential premises with all unpleasant «surprises» for the future owner.

Assessment for the rental of communal property

Evaluation for rent of communal property in Ukraine

Evaluation of premises in Kyiv in municipal property for rent. Short description and features of the procedure. Algorithm of calculation of the rental rate.

Ground floor in a residential building in Kyiv

Floors in the valuation of premises: basements, socles, mansard and attics

For anyone who deals with real estate, it is very useful to know the subtleties associated with the floor of objects. After all, the cost or rental rate for premises located in the socles is usually significantly higher than for the same objects in basements or underground floors. This is especially important when renting utility property in Kyiv, as the wording of the floor in the documents can both raise and lower the rent payments for the future tenant.

Appraisal Of Real Estate

Appraisal Of Real Estate in Ukraine