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Posts tagged: fixed asset valuation

Fixed asset valuation is a multifaceted issue, as such objects may include property of various types. And approaches to determining the value of real estate, cars and equipment differ significantly. In this section we have collected articles that in one way or another affect and disclose issues of independent evaluation of assets.

More detailed information about specific types of fixed assets you can always find in the relevant thematic sections of the website of our appraisal company.

But the most correct option would be one where you prepare a list of fixed assets to be determined and send it to us by e-mail. We will analyze in detail and offer you mutually beneficial terms of cooperation. Welcome!

In the course of our work, we are constantly updating the site and in particular this section with new information on asset valuation. Each article – the answer to the question that was asked by one of our clients at the time. Most of the articles, of course, have a general, overview nature. But some open narrowly focused questions, describe the features of evaluation in a particular case.

We will be glad to answer and even write an article on your proposed topic. If you have any ideas about the content of the website, please write to our email. We will be happy to help you with your question!

Revaluation of fixed assets

Revaluation of Fixed Assets in Ukraine

Valuation of equipments

Valuation of Equipments in Ukraine

This type of work differs in its diversity. After all, the term “equipment” can hide an asset of any type: from computer to production line.

An industrial machine, a motorcycle and a helicopter in one photo

Fixed Asset Valuation in Ukraine

Determining the value of fixed assets has many features. After all, assets can include a large number of assets of various types. This means that in the course of the work it is necessary to apply different calculation methods and approaches to determining the cost.

Vehicle evaluation

Vehicle Evaluation in Ukraine