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Posts tagged: Lands And Houses Evaluation

When it comes to land valuation, the main confusion among customers is which evaluation they need: expert or regulatory one. Pay attention to this question to avoid the situation when you ordered a service that you do not really need in this particular case. To save your time and money, let’s see how these two jobs differ.

Expert money evaluation of land. The process of determination by the appraiser of the market value of the land. In most cases, this calculation is based on an analysis of offers to sell similar real estate. As a result of such an analysis, it is concluded that since similar areas cost so much, then our price should be somewhere within the same limits. Documents obtained by the customer as a result of such work are most often required for presentation to a notary in the execution of sales transactions, as well as for presentation in court.

In contrast to the expert evaluation, normative monetary evaluation is issued by government bodies. The value it defines has little to do with the market because it is not based on market data. It is used most often for the calculation of land tax, as well as for the notary registration of gift agreements.

You can find answers to other questions about the valuations of land parcels by reading the materials in our collection:

Three-dimensional model of a residential building with furniture

Pitfalls when buying a house: what to pay attention on

Buying a private house outside the city is a very important and responsible decision. Inexperienced buyer can face a lot of «pitfalls» and unexpected problems. If a person wants to live in a country house, then in the process of selection and valuation he should pay special attention to some details.

Evaluation of Summer House

Evaluation of Summer Houses in Ukraine

The article reveals some features of determining the cost of summer house (it’s plots and houses on them). Summer house – how many beauty memories in this words… 🙂

Taxes on real estate transactions

Taxes on sale, gift, inheritance of real estate in Ukraine

As many people know, in almost all countries of the world, any transaction with re-registration of real estate entails significant tax obligations. Ukraine is no exception. At the same time, despite the complaints of many sellers, in fact in our country, taxes on the sale of real estate are not as high as in many other countries of European Union. Our appraisers are often asked to consult not only on the direct valuation of real estate. But also for the costs that will accompany the transaction. So we decided to systematize all this information in this article.

House without land plot

Is it necessary to evaluate the land when evaluating a house?

As in the case of separate or general registration of documents on the house and land, it all depends on the specific case and on the purpose for which real estate is evaluated.

Shingle on the roofs of houses in European cities

Types of shingles: advantages and disadvantages

One of the most important structural elements of any private residential building is the roof. In turn, the main element of the roof, both in terms of design and for performing the basic functions of protecting the house from atmospheric phenomena is the material of the roof. This article summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of using shingle of different types.

Winter road in the snow in a dacha cooperative

House in the village or cottage – what to choose? Part 2.

So, what you should look at: house in the village or cottage? … continuation of the article (part 2)

Country house development next to high-rise buildings in Kyiv

House in the village or cottage – what to choose? Part 1.

From our own experience, we recommend to pay attention to the differences between the cottage and summer house. It is those that emerge, as a rule, after the purchase. Unfortunately…

Appraisal Of Real Estate

Appraisal Of Real Estate in Ukraine

Оцінка будинків

Residential Evaluation in Ukraine

Determining the cost of an individual residential building, summer house or cottage is a special task. When working with apartments, as a rule, there are no questions, because they are more or less standard. With houses, the situation is exactly the opposite, because each such real estate is unique. And on its market value is affected by a large number of price factors, some of which are not clear at first glance.

Valuation Of Lands

Valuation Of Lands in Ukraine

Determining the market value of land parcels is one of the most popular services of our appraisal company. Such work is most often carried out at the notary of transactions on the purchase and sale of plots. In addition, a large number of our expert land valuation work is ordered in the event of litigation, such as the division of property during divorce proceedings.