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Posts tagged: the appraiser

Most of the articles on our and other similar specialized sites are devoted to the description of services on expert valuation of real estate and other property of different types. However, often the «behind the scenes» question remains about who provides such services. In other words: «appraisers – who are these people?». Meanwhile, this topic is not only important for people who want to learn our profession. Customers should understand this issue at least in general terms, to consciously and knowledgeably approach the question of choosing a contractor for their order. This is especially important when performing complex work, such as, for example, valuation of securities or utility property.

Theory is theory, but it is from the experience of a particular estimator depends on the quality of the work. It is very desirable for the customer to know at least on the basis of what documents professional specialists have the right to provide their services. The list and description of our permits are given in the section «The appraisal company».

Below is a list of articles that describe market value services to some extent, but also address issues related to the work of the appraisers themselves and the operation of appraisal companies.

Apartment appraisers

How do you determine the price of the apartment?

Probably one of the simplest questions. However, as often happens, if you delve a little deeper, not everything may turn out to be so simple. Let’s figure it out!

The appraiser

The Appraiser in Ukraine

Most of our articles deal with different activities in determining the value of an asset. However, the “behind the scenes” remains the question – who performs all these works and is responsible to the customer and before the Law for their quality.

Независимая оценка

Independent Evaluation in Ukraine

In modern life, we often encounter such a concept as independent evaluation (it is also often called “expert evaluation”). Let’s find out what it is and why you need such a service.

Evaluation company

The Appraisal Company in Ukraine

For a customer who needs the services of an appraiser, it is very important to know at least one feature of the Ukrainian law. The fact is that the specialist itself does not have the right to engage in professional evaluation activities. Despite having all the necessary personal permits. The appraiser has the right to carry out the activities only in the so-called entity of the valuation activity or company. Which in turn should have their permits. It is about this problem will be discussed in this article.