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Posts tagged: Valuation of Securities

National Securities and Stock Market Commission

One of the most difficult but at the same time the most interesting kind of work in our profession is valuation of securities. This activity requires from the evaluator knowledge not only in specific areas related to different types of property rights. In addition to a thorough understanding of what are the stocks, bonds, bills, investment certificates and other securities, it is necessary to have sufficient experience in determining the value of «ordinary» property. After all, often the valuation of stocks or corporate rights involves the revaluation of all assets that are present on the balance sheet of the enterprise.

Since all issuers are unique in their own way, the way in which such property rights are defined and assessed varies greatly from case to case. The most common questions in determining the value of stocks that arise are disclosed in our collection of thematic articles. These materials are referred to below.

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Stock assessment

Stock Assessment

Corporate rights are very similar to the stocks market value service. However, there are of course some features. It is very important that the customer of such work understand that there is no direct relationship between the estimated value of the shares and their nominal price.

Evaluation of corporate rights

Evaluation of Corporate Rights