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Posts tagged: vehicle evaluation

Determining the value of vehicles is one of the specialties of our appraisal company. We focus on working with corporate clients who have vehicles on their balance sheets, as well as evaluating vehicles for presentation in court (for example, property division or inheritance).

We try to solve in our articles all possible questions regarding the procedure for evaluating cars. If you have not found the answer to your question, please write us about it. We will try to complement our base of articles as quickly as it possible.

And better just contact us in any comfortable way for you with a specific question, so that we have the opportunity to provide the most complete consultation about your situation.

Car battery inspection and testing

How to choose a car battery

Useful information about car batteries. Which parameters of such batteries are the most essential. And what to pay attention when choosing and buying this kind of spare parts for your car. We tried to summarize only the factors that have practical use for the modern driver.

Cargo transportation: auto, air, rail, sea transport

10 interesting facts about trucking

Most ordinary people can not even imagine that the sphere of trucking can be quite exciting, filled with amazing events. Of course, in the view of most cargo transportation is simple routine: the goods are packed, loaded, transported and handed over to the customer. However, this is not at all true, because the sphere of freight transport is much larger, more interesting and more diverse than one can imagine. This article tells about the most interesting and unique facts from the history of trucking.

Air conditioning in the car

Is it fine to turn on the car air conditioning in winter when it is cold outside

Many drivers believe that in the cold season, the air conditioner in the car is needed as well as in summer, because it helps to fight fogging glasses. However, this question is not so clear. In some vehicles air conditioners operate at any temperature, while in others they sometimes refuse to turn on at all. So believe many drivers talking about the advantages and disadvantages of different car brands.

Fogged windshield

Why the car windows fog up and how to deal with it

Sudden temperature changes, high humidity in the car interior or increased moisture concentration in the environment are likely causes of fogging of the car windows. Such problems not only damage the car, but also worsen visibility during the ride, which can cause accidents.

Icy car

Is it okay to wash the car in winter when it is cold outside?

In the cold season drivers are tormented by the question of whether and how to properly wash the car in the cold. The salt that settles on the car can cause rust. But the water that will remain on the car after washing, can also cause serious problems. After all, it will turn into ice in the cold, after which doors can be blocked, brake pads will freeze and mirrors will freeze. In addition, ice causes cracking paint coating.

Automatic transmission

What happens when you switch to R or P on the move?

Why and when can the driver switch the gear selector to R and P modes? On which transmission it is dangerous to do this, how to distinguish such transmissions, and what will happen? It is also dangerous to do it on modern cars?

Smoke from car chimney: blue, black, white

Smoke from car exhaust pipe – reasons

Left and right hand drive in one car!

Right- and left-hand road traffic in the world

Why do some countries have left-hand steering and others have right-hand steering? What is the history of right- and left-hand traffic? What is it related to? For many of us, it’s hard to imagine how you can switch gears with your left hand. Especially if the car has a manual gearbox.

Vehicle evaluation

Vehicle Evaluation in Ukraine