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Why the car windows fog up and how to deal with it

Fogged windshield

Sudden temperature changes, high humidity in the car or increased moisture concentration in the environment – these are the reasons of the fogging up the glass in the car.

Humidity is often caused by natural factors, which naturally affects the comfort of driving. For example, in the cold season, the street temperature is much lower than in the car. It is because of this glass cooled outside, and the abundance of wet and warm air in the car causes condensation.

Due to the fact that there is no place for moisture to evaporate inside the car, the glass in the cabin is fog up. As a result of weather events, the humidity in the car interior increases. This can occur due to wet clothes or wet carpets. Mist also negatively affects humidity in the cabin. After all, it causes moisture to get into the car, as a result of which condensate accumulates, and glass is fog up.

Such problems not only damage the car, but also worsen visibility while driving. Which in turn can cause accidents.

Another cause of fogging glass in the car can be the temperature difference. If there are many passengers in the cabin and the temperature is low outside, then condensation may arise.

However, there may be other technical factors that cause the windows are fogged up, for example:

  • the filter in the cabin is defective or clogged. As a result, it is unable to fulfil his immediate responsibilities. Therefore, the interior of the car turns into a closed space without air ventilation, and the temperature in the car gradually increases. This causes the condensation;
  • wet seats. Such a situation may occur if a liquid has landed on the seat or a person in wet clothes has sat in the cabin;
  • wet carpets or water under them. For example, often the cause of high humidity can be snow, which falls into the car interior and melts due to the temperature in the car;
  • a lack of proper ventilation or incorrect window blowing settings. This problem may arise from clogged ducts or faulty ventilation ducts;
  • faulty heating, leaks in pipes or radiator.

You should pay attention on these problems can cause fogging glass in the car at any time of the year.

Misty glass due to alcohol evaporation

Another frequent cause of sweaty glass in the car may be evaporation after drinking alcohol. Ethyl alcohol vapours, which are emitted from passengers under the influence of alcohol or from people with alcohol, cause water molecules to attract to alcohol molecules. As a result, the moisture concentration in the air may increase significantly.

Here you should draw your attention to the fact that driving a vehicle while being drunk is strictly prohibited, because it is not only punishable by law, but also unsafe.

What is the danger of sweaty glass

Fogging of the windows in the car interior can be not only a cause of uncomfortable driving of the vehicle, but also be dangerous, because fogged windows cause:

  • bad visibility.Of course, fogging windows prevent the driver’s view, making driving potentially unsafe;
  • trouble with starting traffic. If the windows are frozen, it will take a long time to warm them up;
  • often the cause of sweaty windows can be the evaporation of antifreeze, which occurs due to heating radiator problems. People who are in the car can inhale vapors of this substance, which is negatively affects on health;
  • wet carpets. If this problem occurs regularly, the smell of mold may appear. In addition, the humidity of the vehicle may cause rust;
  • problems with police officers. The car with the fogged windows may be stopped for inspection by the patrol police.

The windows have been fogged up in the car

How to solve the condensate problem

To reduce the amount of condensation in the car should not sit in the cabin in wet clothes or just shake off the snow. In the event that the glass is misted regularly, you need to contact the car service as soon as possible for a comprehensive diagnosis of the machine. It is possible that the problem was caused by a vehicle failure.

It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the air in the cabin should not only come, but also come out of it without any obstacles. To solve the problem, you should check the ventilation channels in the trunk. You can also inspect the exhaust valves that are most often under the bumper. In addition, windows may fog because of clogged drains in the air flow (compartment under the windshield wipers). In the event that moisture is not withdrawn from the air inlets, the glass will not only fog up, but also the mechanism will be suffer (start to rust) of «wipers».

If the car is installed air conditioning system, it is necessary to check the performance of the drain pipe that removes moisture from the evaporator. In addition, the roof cover should be closed tightly, as should the trunk. If there are problems with sealing, it is because of this moisture gets into the cabin and the glass is misted.

It is also necessary to check the performance of the recycling system, which should be switched off. If fresh air does not enter the car, the glass will always fog.

The most effective way to combat fogging in the machine is to use the air conditioning system, which very effectively reduces the humidity. Alas, not all cars have air conditioning, and many drivers simply do not use it for reasons of fuel economy. In addition, you need to decide for yourself to answer the question: Can I turn on the car air conditioner during winter frost?

What to do if the glass is frozen

To ensure that the windows do not freeze during parking, it is necessary to regularly ventilate the cabin. Especially before you put a car in the parking lot for a long time. To do this, you can open the windows in the last 5-10 minutes drive before the parking, as well as after stopping to air the cabin. This will contribute to the fact that the temperature in the cabin and on the street will be the same, so that the glass will not fog anymore.