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Which typer of cutlery are exist: unusual types of forks, spoons, knifes

Proper table setting

Most ordinary people do not often get to visit elite restaurants, where you can leave half the average salary for the evening. However, if all worked out well or you can just afford it, why not go to an expensive restaurant. Naturally, institutions of the premium class differ not only in the level of maintenance and atmosphere, but also in the quality of service. One of the main problems that an unprepared person may face when visiting a restaurant, is the abundance of cutlery. Before the guest can lay out several spoons and forks, strange knives, other bizarre devices, the purpose of which is difficult to guess.

In addition, many people want to surprise guests not only interesting dishes, but also table setting. To do this, they buy dining sets with many interesting items of utensils. But buying is one thing, and using correctly – fully different. Avoid you such cases will help the material of this article.

Currently, all using cutlery can be divided into 2 categories:

  1. Main, which serve directly for eating.
  2. Additional, which use to put food into plates.

In addition to classical instruments and their modifications, the main group also includes instruments created for:

  • snacks;
  • desserts;
  • fish dishes;
  • fruits.

Usually before the visitor laid out a set of 24 cutlery: six types of spoons, knives, forks, as well as a spoon for tea. It would seem enough just to learn the purpose of each device and you can safely go to a decent institution, but everything is not so simple. There are also many additional cutlery that are often lying on the table.

Consider the cutlery which are most common:


1 coffee spoon

2 teaspoon

3 dessert spoon

4 classic tablespoon

5 confectionery tongs of large size, which serve to lay out the finished products

6 cocktail spoon

7 asparagus tongs

8 tongs for ice

9 small size confectioners tongs for chocolate and sugar

10 cigar guillotine (often at the table you can find such a device, especially if you are allowed to smoke in the restaurant)

11 fork, which is created for lemons

12 serving fork (has two tines, which can be used to string small cold snacks)

13 cocotte fork for hot fish snacks

14 and 15 shovel-form dull knife, which is designed for second dishes of fish and a fish fork with a special recess necessary to separate bones from fish

16 and 17 knife and fork for desserts

18 and 19 another type of knife and fork for dessert

20 and 21 knife and fork for snack

22 and 23 another type of knife and fork, which are designed to eat snacks

24 spoon for spilling

25 and 26 table knife and fork, which are designed for all kinds of second dishes, except fish

27 little candy shovel for sweets

28 little shovel for pâté

29 elongated fishing little shovel

30 little shovel, which specifically designed for caviar placement

31 special shovel-shaped ice cream spoon with slightly curved edges


32 special grapefruit knife

33 knife, which is designed to cut cheese

34 cutlery for eating lobster

35 pizza knife

36 cutlery which needed for meat cutting

37 lemon juice squeezer

38 refined sugar tongs

39 scoop for ice cream layout

40 small deep spoon for sugar layout


41 spoon and fork, which are designed to layout and mix salads

42 salad tongs

43 special spaghetti tongs

44 special fork for spaghetti

In addition to the fish forks, shovels and knives shown in the first image, you can also find some modifications of these cutlery:


45 shovel, which is designed for fish dishes with special slots

46 fork with two prongs for herring

47 another possible option for a fish snack eating

48 fork for sprats and sardines, often found variant in which there is no crossbar on the top

This list of devices is quite versatile, so can be useful in almost any situation. However, it is worth remembering that there are still many types of cutlery.

For example, while visiting an elite fish restaurant, you may be surprised by the number of cutlery, which were served while preparing a seat. In such a situation, do not hesitate to ask the waiter about what cutlery for which dish is intended, because it is never too late to learn new things.