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Question-answer (FAQ)

Question-answer (what? where? when?)

This section of the site contains answers to the most frequently asked questions related to expert evaluation. Procedures for determining the value of different types of real estate and other property have their own characteristics, therefore, questions are sorted by types of objects of valuation.

We are constantly working on filling up the relevant information of the site in general and this section in particular. If you have a question that you think might be of interest to our other customers, please send it to our email. We will definitely give a detailed answer to this question and publish it on our website.

Property evaluation (general questions).

  1. What is the result of the appraiser’s work?
  2. What is the differences between property evaluation and expertise?
  3. What price the appraiser determines?
  4. What is the market value?
  5. Who cares what the expert evaluation is for?
  6. Who can be the client of property evaluation?
  7. Should the evaluator go to the object of valuation?
  8. What is a review? When do you need a review and who does conduct it?
  9. Are there any State-owned valuation companies in Ukraine?
  10. How long is the expert valuation report valid?
  11. What to do if there is no title document, but you need the valuation?

Evaluation of the apartment

  1. How do you determine the price of the apartment?
  2. I have an apartment with terrible condition and an old house. Will this be taken into account when evaluating?
  3. Is the value of furniture and household appliances taken into account when valuing an apartment?
  4. What to do if the value which the appraiser identified is higher or lower than the real transaction price?
  5. What is the difference between an evaluation for sale and an evaluation for giving an apartment?
  6. How to evaluate the apartment, and for what would you need it?
  7. Do you need a technical passport purchase and sale an apartment?

Appraisal of real estate

  1. What are taxes on the sale, gift, inheritance of real estate?
  2. Is it necessary to valuate the land when valuating a house?
  3. Is the valuation of the land and the house documenting separately?
  4. We want to rent a premise, they said we need the evaluation. Does the appraiser determine the cost of the premise or the rent?
  5. Who benefits from rent municipal real estate of Kyiv?
  6. How to determine the rental rate of communal property in Kyiv?
  7. What factors are influence the office cost?
  8. What determines the cost of the store?
  9. On what you should pay attention while choosing a warehouse?
  10. What is the difference between basement, semi-basement, plinth and underground floor? Mansard and attic?
  11. Is it possible to compensate for the cost of repairing the rented premises?

Vehicle evaluation

  1. How to evaluate a used car?
  2. For what do you need to evaluate vehicles?

Valuation of equipments, valuation of assets, fixed asset evaluation

  1. What is the connection between the depreciated book value and the market value, which defined by the appraiser?
  2. How is the cost of used equipment determined?
  3. What documents are needed for evaluation of fixed assets?
  4. What is the difference between amortization of the fixed asset and wear and tear, which is determined by the appraiser?
  5. How to evaluate the cost of equipment that is not working?

Stock assessment, evaluation of corporate rights

  1. How is the value of an enterprise’s stocks or corporate rights determined?
  2. Is there any connection between the value of the enterprise and the value of its fixed assets?
  3. How much cost the stock valuation?
  4. What influences the nominal value of stocks and the size of the authorized capital of the enterprise?
  5. What types of securities are evaluated by your appraisal company?