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Rubric: Independent Property Evaluation

A huge number of articles are devoted to property valuation. Both on our site and on the resources of other valuation companies. However, there are no fewer questions from clients regarding this topic. And this is primarily due to the fact that there is a huge amount of property. The approaches to determining the value of items of different types vary considerably. In fact, there is a huge difference between valuing a laptop and determining the market value of a truck.

Independent evaluation – is the correct name of services to determine the market value of the property provided by appraisers. It is this name that appears in an overwhelming number of legislative acts, with the exception of legal documents relating to the valuation of land (expert valuation of ground areas).

Despite this, historically, most customers have called an independent expert evaluation. The meaning of the word «independent» in the name of the service underlines the fact that the involved specialist in no way should be interested in any results of the valuation. The law even prescribes cases in which the appraiser has no right to determine the value of the property because he has a conflict of interest. It is clear that when drafting documents for presentation in court, it is an independent evaluation of the value of anything. Otherwise, her results would be foolish to take into consideration.

That is why in the course of our work we constantly fill the site with articles, and this section with new information on the topic. Each article is the answer to a question asked by one of our clients. Most of the articles are, of course, of a general, overview nature. But some open narrowly focused questions, describe the features of evaluation in a particular case.

We will be glad to answer and even write an article on your proposed topic. If you have an idea of the material on the site, please write to us. With pleasure and with the benefit of other customers we will help you with your question!

Who can be the customer of property evaluation

The law imposes clear restrictions on who can be a customer of property valuation. This nuance may lead to the invalidation of the record with all its ensuing consequences.

How is property valuation different from expertise?

The confusion between these concepts is likely to be misleading for first-time customers. In fact, everything here is quite simple. And the question is easy to understand even a man far from legal science. These two concepts are very similar, but the seemingly insignificant differences are actually very important! Our material will help to understand.

Evaluation for court

The preparation of documents for presentation in court is a responsible job. On what you should draw your attention to win a case, and not lose time with money.

What is the market value

Let’s start with what is the price and what is the cost. Price is an actual amount of money, which passes from buyer to seller for a particular product or service. So the price is a specific fact. Cost versus price is an estimate, not an actual value , which reflects the monetary value of some property.

Question-answer (FAQ)

We present to your attention a list of the most common questions of our clients and answers to them. These issues relate to the expert evaluation of a variety of properties and property rights. Of course, most relate to the procedure for determining the value of real estate, especially apartments. In this section we have collected a lot of interesting and useful information. Welcome!

Our customers

Independent Evaluation

In modern life, we often encounter such a concept as independent evaluation (it is also often called “expert evaluation”). Let’s find out what it is and why you need such a service.

Property Evaluation