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Rubric: Evaluation of securities and property rights

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Evaluation of property rights

A feature of work on determination of value of securities and evaluation of property rights is that they are very multifaceted. Both rights and securities are fairly have a fairly large number of types. In addition, each such assessment is usually unique. And requires separate attention and individual approach.

It cannot be said that these services are in demand. Such orders compared, for example, with the appraisal of real estate by appraisers are relatively few. However, and that is why this type of work is one of the most interesting for the performer.

If you require an expert evaluation of property, real estate or property rights, we look forward to cooperate with you. You are welcome to contact with us!

Property Rights Evaluation in Ukraine

Property rights can be of many kinds. Ranging from rights to apartments and premises in new houses under construction or rights of use/lease of land to valuation of corporate rights, securities and other financial instruments. We perform almost all kinds of property rights assessment work, so we will be glad to cooperate with you on these issues.

Evaluation of Securities in Ukraine

Review of securities of various types: shares, bonds, bills and investment certificates