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Valuation of Equipments in Ukraine

Valuation of equipments

The cost and timing of the valuation of equipments are based on the number and type of equipment in the specific evaluation list. Unfortunately, there is no price “per position” for this type of service.

For example, it is much easier to estimate 40 modern computers than one rare specialized aggregate. Therefore, in order to calculate the cost of our work, we ask you to provide us with a complete list of equipment by email.

We will quickly review this list of assets and will try to make for you the best price offer!

Equipment assessment can be carried out as a separate task (equipment list) and as part of a large work on property evaluation of enterprises as a whole, when in addition to equipment and also real estate is valuating, cars and other types of assets.

The most common cases where independent evaluation of equipment is required are:

  • accounting and tax accounting – for example, to place property on the balance of the enterprise or to lease it;
  • fixed asset valuation for enterprise for sale;
  • transfer of fixed assets of the enterprise for getting a credit;
  • for presentation in court, for example, in case of division of the property of the enterprise by the founders.

The following documents are required for the expert evaluation of the equipment:

  1. List of equipment, including brand and model, date of commissioning and cost. If fixed assets are in a state of disrepair, in some cases a specialized service centre opinion is required on the condition of the property, the feasibility of repairs and the cost of such repairs. As a rule, such questions arise only with expensive and specific property.
  2. Technical documentation is required for certain types of equipment. For example, to evaluate a production line you need data on the number and characteristics of the nodes that it consists of. Another thing is that such documentation is not always at the customer of the evaluation, so the documents to determine the cost of complex equipment in each case are dealt with individually.

What is the evaluation price of the equipment?

Please, pay attention that in most cases expert evaluation of equipment means determination of its market value (in accounting it is also called “fair” and in some provisions of the Tax Code – “evaluative”).

The exact definition of “market value” is given in the Cabinet Order ” National evaluation standard №1″. If you do not go into legal subtleties, it can be said that the market value is the price that can be sold the most profitable at the same time for the seller and the buyer. Sometimes, while evaluating equipment, there is also a need to determine the cost of liquidation, that is, the price that can be obtained for the fixed assets when they are put to disposal (for example, for scrap metal). Here, by the way, should draw attention that in accounting this type of value is called “liquidation value”, and in the evaluation methods – “the value of liquidation “. In the same methods, the “liquidation value” is the price that can be obtained for the property when it is sold in a short time. It is important to take this nuance into account when drawing up the contract and during the evaluation, especially if the equipment belongs to the state property.

What is the relationship between book value and market value?

This question is one of the most common in fixed asset evaluation. We even separately wrote out the answer to it in our category “Question-answer” in the relevant subsection “Valuation of equipments”. It must be understood that the residual (book) value is the result of such an accounting procedure as “depreciation”, which is necessary only to determine the value of taxes. It has nothing to do with the market value and can be either higher or lower. For example, the machine can be fully amortized, but is in good working order and has a high market value. It is also possible that the equipment has become unusable and should be disposed of (scrap metal) and the book value of the equipment remains high.

Our appraisal company and ours appraisers over the years have accumulated quite a lot of experience in determining the cost of equipment of different complexity: from computers, office equipment and office furniture to special medical devices and modern confectionery factory production lines.

We look forward to seeing you among our regular clients!