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Rubric: Valuation of Equipments

Valuation of equipments

Valuation of equipments – too broad a topic to be covered in at least single article. We have created a separate section of the site to collect useful materials for customers.

A feature of determining the value of equipment from the point of view of appraiser is that the objects of the evaluation can be very different. The equipment can include both furniture, office equipment and a computer park enterprise. And complex production lines, machine tools, various specialized tools and a variety of devices.

It is as a consequence of this diversity of assets that the value of equipment valuation services is determined only individually. In this case, obviously, the amount of work, its complexity and price do not depend on the number of items on the list-work. And first of all on what assets the appraiser has to work with.

We also want to note that the determination of the cost of equipment often takes place during the evaluation of the fixed assets of enterprises. In this case, these assets are notionally grouped: real estate, cars, equipment and etc. This is because the approach to different types of property can be radically different.

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