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Rubric: The Appraiser

The absolute majority of materials on professional sites for property valuation is dedicated to objects of expert valuation. At the same time, “behind the scenes” remains the question of who conducts such work. Who are the appraisers? What are the differences between them and experts? What is the subject of evaluation activities? Which permit documents exist in this area… Questions from customers arise a lot, and it is not always easy to find answers to them.

The appraiser

In this rubric we will collect articles, devoted not to the description of objects of evaluation, but to the features of professional work of subjects of evaluation activity.

Furthermore, there is information on how to choose the appraisal company, to get a quality work done as a result of cooperation. How to check the permits of the company and the appraiser himself for conducting evaluation activities? Are there in Ukraine any government valuation companies?

You will be able to find here almost all the answers to your questions about the independent evaluation of property of various types. If you did not find answers or want to clarify something, you are welcome to contact us for advice!


Pros and cons of real estate appraiser work

To work as a real estate appraiser you need to have higher education. Persons wishing to undertake an independent evaluation must have completed additional training and pass a qualification examination. It is also necessary to have an internship or professional experience in determining the value of an asset.

What to do if the value, that the appraiser identified, is higher or lower than the real transaction price?

In theory, of course, both of these values must be, if not identical, very close to each other. However, in practice, significant inconsistencies occur quite often. So what to do?

The Appraiser in Ukraine

Most of our articles deal with different activities in determining the value of an asset. However, the “behind the scenes” remains the question – who performs all these works and is responsible to the customer and before the Law for their quality.

The Appraisal Company in Ukraine

For a customer who needs the services of an appraiser, it is very important to know at least one feature of the Ukrainian law. The fact is that the specialist itself does not have the right to engage in professional evaluation activities. Despite having all the necessary personal permits. The appraiser has the right to carry out the activities only in the so-called entity of the valuation activity or company. Which in turn should have their permits. It is about this problem will be discussed in this article.