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Evaluation of Corporate Rights in Ukraine

Evaluation of corporate rights

Could not specify average cost of works on evaluation of corporate rights.
Each enterprise is unique and has a number of indicators which also affect its cost.
That is why the cost of work is calculated on a case-by-case basis.

Independent evaluation of corporate rights is most likely to happen in the following cases:

  • For the purpose of selling the enterprise (or a share of one of the founders).
  • To make a management decision – for example, to report to foreign investors.
  • For presentation in court.

The conditions of each expert evaluation of corporate rights (cost and procedure) are discussed individually, depending on the specifics of the activity, the availability of access to enterprise records and purpose of evaluation. In the absolute majority of cases to determine the market value of the enterprise it is necessary to make a revaluation of the property, that is on its balance sheet, as well as to determine the current value of the debts of both our enterprise to third parties and third parties to us. However, there are exceptions to all rules. If it is a large company that generates profit over the last few accounting periods, then the so-called income approach is applied to its evaluation. As part of its application, the evaluator analyzes the cash flows from the economic activity and assets are not revalued.

The size of the authorized capital of the enterprise does not influence the market value of corporate rights!

The size of the authorised capital is a historical fact, which records that on a certain date the founders have made contributions in these shares. Since then, as a result of doing business, the value of the enterprise could both increase and decrease to 0. Zero value of corporate rights may be in the case that the firm does not have a significant profit, Loans exceeding the market value of assets.

That is why we need to get the following information in order to determine the scope of the work, and therefore its cost and time frame:

  1. balance of the enterprise;
  2. financial performance report for the last reporting period.

After balance sheet analysis, we ask you to provide decrypts of some of its lines (depending on their relative weight in the structure of assets). The most common part of this work is fixed asset valuation. If you have fixed assets on your balance sheet, please send them decryption, which should include: name of fixed asset, primary cost, date of placing on balance (put into operation).

A special case of determining the market value of corporate rights is the expert assessment of stocks. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the size of the authorized capital (as well as the nominal value of the share) most often does not relate to the market value of the enterprise. This is due to the fact that during the company’s business activity it could either increase its capital or completely waste it.

Our company conducts its professional activity on the basis on certificate of assessment activity with the open direction «Evaluation of Integral Property Complexes, Units, Securities, Property Rights and Intangible Assets» issued by the State Property Fund of Ukraine.

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