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Vehicle Evaluation

Vehicle evaluation

Deadline of doing independent vehicle evaluation service – 1 day.

Cost of work – starting at 2000 UAH for a single car order.

The unit price is determined individually if you order multiple vehicle evaluation.

Cost of work – starting at 2000 UAH for trucks and special machinery.

Cost of preparation of documents for presentation in court – starting at 2500 UAH.

If you need to make an expert evaluation of the car (special equipment), you can contact our appraisal company. Our appraisers have experience in evaluating vehicles of varying complexity. For this type of work, we are ready to perform not only single orders to determine the cost of cars, but also to conclude framework agreements with legal entities for regular evaluation of the car park. With many of our clients cooperation is in regular fixed asset valuation and, in particular, vehicle evaluation.

Evaluation of vehicles and motorcycles is based on the documents listed below:

  • copy of your vehicle’s technical passport;
  • a copy of the customer’s passport is required for individual owners. If the evaluation is needed for the execution of the inheritance – a copy of the passport of the death certificate, a copy of the passport of the incoming inheritance, a copy of the document that confirms the connection between the deceased and the heir;
  • if special equipment is evaluated – technical certificate for mounted equipment equipment is required.

If you need to make an expert evaluation of more than two vehicles, the cost of work can be reduced. If we are talking about permanent cooperation, we will try to offer you the most favorable prices and conditions of work.

Please, pay attention that our company does not evaluate vehicles that have been injured in an accident.

What is the usual purpose of ordering evaluation of vehicles?

Working on determining the market value of cars in most cases is carried out to:

  • issue (or extend) a security agreement (bank, notary office);
  • to carry out the transaction of sale and purchase or re-registration of the vehicle (notary office, accounting department);
  • insert your vehicle in the authorized fund of the enterprise or rent the car (accounting).
  • provide an independent evaluation in court or executive service.

Real Expert company provides services on independent evaluation in Kyiv, Kyiv region and other regions of Ukraine. Expert evaluation of vehicles is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Methodology of commodity examination and evaluation of wheeled vehicles. In most cases, the “Autologist’s Bulletin” is a source of information for determining the cost of a vehicle, used not only by appraisers but also by forensic experts. About the differences between independent evaluation and expertise one, as well as about the features of the work of experts and appraiser, you can read in this article: “What is the difference between property evaluation and expertise?“.

Over the years, our appraisers have gained sufficient experience in conducting independent property evaluations. You can call or write on our email – we will provide you with a quick and gladly response to all of your questions. Welcome!

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