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Vehicle Evaluation in Ukraine

Vehicle evaluation

Deadline of doing independent vehicle evaluation service – 1 day.

Cost of work – starting at 2000 UAH for a single car order.

The unit price is determined individually if you order multiple vehicle evaluation.

Cost of work – starting at 2000 UAH for trucks and special machinery.

Cost of preparation of documents for presentation in court – starting at 2500 UAH.

If you need to make an expert evaluation of the car (special equipment), you can contact our appraisal company. Our appraisers have experience in evaluating vehicles of varying complexity. For this type of work, we are ready to perform not only single orders to determine the cost of cars, but also to conclude framework agreements with legal entities for regular evaluation of the car park. With many of our clients cooperation is in regular fixed asset valuation and, in particular, vehicle evaluation.

Evaluation of vehicles and motorcycles is based on the documents listed below:

  • copy of your vehicle’s technical passport;
  • a copy of the customer’s passport is required for individual owners. If the evaluation is needed for the execution of the inheritance – a copy of the passport of the death certificate, a copy of the passport of the incoming inheritance, a copy of the document that confirms the connection between the deceased and the heir;
  • if special equipment is evaluated – technical certificate for mounted equipment equipment is required.

If you need to make an expert evaluation of more than two vehicles, the cost of work can be reduced. If we are talking about permanent cooperation, we will try to offer you the most favorable prices and conditions of work.

Please, pay attention that our company does not evaluate vehicles that have been injured in an accident.

For what do you need vehicle evaluation

Car stuck in lake

There’s a rather common joke that people who don’t have cars dream of buying them, and those who do, dream of selling them. It doesn’t matter which group you belong to. It is important that the moment of determining the price of the car or already you care or will worry for the foreseeable future. And that is what we are going to talk about.

What do we usually do when we set the price for our old car? What do we focus on? As a rule, most sellers rate their own car on a number of quite subjective indicators. Let’s make all understandable. Firstly, we proceed from our understanding of the (often mistaken) market value of the car. Usually we go to some popular vehicle portal, watch more or less similar offers and make a price against their background. A little higher if we think the car is pretty fine, and we’re in no hurry to sell it. And, accordingly, a little lower if we want to get rid of it really quickly or know something scary about it.

The second thing that affects our idea of price is our current needs for money. Someone needs a down payment for a new car, someone’s missing a dream car, someone wants to use the money somehow. Do we often lose something trying to determine the cost of a car by ourselves? Yes, often. Either time or money. Of course, we are not satisfied with both options. And it is not that we are greedy. Just in times of economic instability we need to protect all resources. Professional independent vehicle evaluation by expert is a good and useful thing. Competent specialist will help to evaluate the car on a number of parameters, some of which we do not know. Appraiser will identify weaknesses in our offer and, conversely, will help to identify strengthsSometimes in a car you can change something small, and the price changes quite significantly. For example, the replacement of a windshield on a medium Korean car can cost five thousand UAH, and the buyer, having noticed a crack, will easily take you and all ten.

By the way, the evaluation report of the car is quite a serious document that can be presented to the buyer, showing that you have nothing to hide, and the car is all over the place. Do not doubt, it will add your offer points on the general background, because it is no secret that the market used cars full of fat cats in a bag. By the way, about cats in the bag. Evaluation of cars can be useful not only when selling them, but also when buying a used car. You have to admit, it’s great to know what you’re really buying. We need an evaluation of the cars and those who are involved in a traffic accident and have to interact with the insurance company. Of course, insurers will offer their expert appraiser, and maybe pay for his services. Think, why would they be so kind? That’s it. The appraiser must be independent. At least from the insurance company.

If you are interested in more detailed information about what is a professional independent evaluation of cars, how it is evaluated and for what you need it, you are welcome to contact with us! We will be glad to answer on all your questions.

What is the usual purpose of ordering evaluation of vehicles?

Working on determining the market value of cars in most cases is carried out to:

  • issue (or extend) a security agreement (bank, notary office);
  • to carry out the transaction of sale and purchase or re-registration of the vehicle (notary office, accounting department);
  • insert your vehicle in the authorized fund of the enterprise or rent the car (accounting).
  • provide an independent evaluation in court or executive service.

Evaluation of vehicles for legal entities

Kyiv bus depot No. 7 top view

When it is necessary to evaluate the car for a private entrepreneur, in most cases, the procedure does not raise special issues and difficulties. Almost all the private vehicles we have to deal with are common, so it is quite simple to estimate their cost. But when working with legal entities — situations are very interesting…

Determining the cost of common car models

As you know, the following characteristics of the car directly affect the cost of the vehicle:

  • Type of the car.
  • Brand and model.
  • Year of release.
  • Engine capacity.
  • Mileage.
  • Gearbox type.
  • Material of upholstery of the salon.
  • The presence of additional equipment.

If we talk about passenger cars, of course, the main factors are the model, year of manufacture and engine capacity. To determine the value of our facility it is enough to analyze the sales market of such equipment. The logic is that our property costs about the same as the one offered for sale, with a small adjustment for the size of the auction.

To carry out such market analysis, appraisers use both specialized literature (Bulletin of Autologist) and market data — announcements on sites for the sale of cars. As a matter of fact, the bulletin itself and filled with data from similar specialized sites, the information is streamlined and receives some official status. Another thing is that not all models of cars are represented in the Bulletin, and the manual itself is not available to all, is expensive and requires regular updating.

Valuation of Legal Entities’ Vehicles

As for our cooperation on the evaluation of cars with legal entities, there are much more interesting situations.

Firstly, enterprises often carry trucks and special equipment. It is difficult to evaluate such transport because offers for the sale of similar facilities are very limited in order to draw an adequate conclusion about their market value. Worse still, even these offers, in a small number, are generally not correlated at all, the prices of similar models of trucks or trailers may vary significantly.

Secondly, the state of legal entities fleets often leaves much to be desired. In some enterprises balances there is a large number of vehicles, when considering that in fact only the remnants of the body or frame are present instead.

Our appraisal company and car appraisers have gained considerable experience in determining the cost of transport of legal entities. For example, we have performed re-evaluation of vehicle fleets, in particular of such well-known enterprises, such as «Volia Cable», «Ukrtelecom», participated in the re-evaluation of transport of «Ukrposhta», we work with cars of the pharmaceutical company «Darnitsa» on an ongoing basis…

If you choose a contractor to perform the work on the evaluation of the car, as an argument in our favor we want to present to your attention a section of the site Our customers. In it we proudly celebrate the famous companies and brands with which we had a positive experience of cooperation.

We will be glad to see you among our regular customers! Create a list of vehicles for evaluation, and we will do our best to make you the most advantageous commercial offer, and the work itself to perform qualitatively and, of course, in a predetermined period!

How to evaluate used car

Jeep Cherokee in the forest

Hardly to disagree with fact that anyone wants buy a new car is always more pleasant than used one. However, in terms of practicality, it is often justified to buy used vehicle. Cars that are only a few years old and are characterized by excellent technical condition can be significantly cheaper than new samples. Sometimes even better in two times. Another thing is that the issue of choosing a used car should be given maximum attention. Probably have to consider more than 10 announcements to find the one you need. What you need to look at first to buy a good car, and not spend a lot of money to then face again the need to incur expenses.

Going forward, let’s say at once, to avoid most problems with the operation of a new car for you, but already used, it is important to timely contact an expert and conduct a professional diagnosis of the car. The master at the service station will pay attention to many things that are likely to evade the attention of an ordinary driver. Of course, it is desirable that the buyer at least in general terms understand the device of the vehicle and its possible breakdowns.

Expert car evaluation will be useful to you at the very end of the procedure, when the choice will be made, and the time will come to execute the documents. Let’s try to understand on what you need to pay attention to eliminate the knowingly problematic options.

  • The best option is to buy a car from the first (and the only) owner. Remember the old film «The Queen of the Gas Station» and the famous phrase from there: «What a driver, such a car!». Talk to a person, see how he dresses, how he behaves, whether he is accurate, how pedantic, and generally pleasant in communication. Would you sit with a man like that in a salon?
  • The price of a car is also an important marker. If the car is sold significantly cheaper than other cars of the same model with similar characteristics, there is a high probability of latent defects. Of course, there are situations when the owner urgently needs money. But even in these cases, the prices are not reduced very significantly. After all, and buyers “do not sleep”, a good car at a low price immediately take on resale.
  • Ask the seller about the history of the car, look in the technical book (better when the car has one). If the car just changed the units and immediately sell – it is better to refrain from buying.
  • Any doubts about the body and engine numbers — do not hesitate to discard this option.
  • The personalities of the sellers do not inspire your trust — we also reject such a proposal.
  • We would not consider the options of buying a car if the owner says things, such as «it is only necessary to change the silent blocks, and everything will work well». This usually indicates that the car is in trouble and the owner is trying to get rid of it.
  • Different wheels are another bad sign. Most likely, this fact indicates that the former owner of the vehicle was not able to afford it. The chance that the owner saved a lot of money on service is really high.
  • Match the mileage to the look of the car. Wear on the driver’s seat, gear lever and steering wheel, as well as a large number of chips on the paintwork of the car with a small mileage may indicate manipulation of the odometer (kilometer counter).
  • Most appraisers think it is better to refrain from buying a car that had a lot of drivers. Please refer to the compulsory liability insurance policy. To understand, for example, drove only husband and wife, or listed several different drivers, and the car may have been operated in taxi mode.

In fact, just be extra careful. Do not fall under the charms of the seller, do not be tempted by the attractive price, do not fall in love with the machine before time. Remember that the devil is always in the details. The main thing is not to rush and look at as many offers as possible before making a decision on the purchase. And when the choice is made, we will have the pleasure of making an expert evaluation of the car. To make sure that price/quality ratio satisfies you as a customer. By the way, the result of the independent evaluation can be effectively used as an argument when trading with the seller.

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Real Expert company provides services on independent evaluation in Kyiv, Kyiv region and other regions of Ukraine. Expert evaluation of vehicles is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Methodology of commodity examination and evaluation of wheeled vehicles. In most cases, the “Autologist’s Bulletin” is a source of information for determining the cost of a vehicle, used not only by appraisers but also by forensic experts. About the differences between independent evaluation and expertise one, as well as about the features of the work of experts and appraiser, you can read in this article: “What is the difference between property evaluation and expertise?“.

Over the years, our appraisers have gained sufficient experience in conducting independent property evaluations. You can call or write on our email – we will provide you with a quick and gladly response to all of your questions. Welcome!

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