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What is the market value

Market value

In the Cabinet of Ministers Resolution resolution, which called “National Evaluation Standard №1”, clearly definition the market value. But we will try to define this concept in this article, on easy and understandable way.

How does the price differ from the cost

Let’s start with what is the price and what is the cost. Price is an actual amount of money, which passes from buyer to seller for a particular product or service. So the price is a specific fact. The price for a product may well be inadequate, for example, in advertising shops often written “buy two shampoos and get a balm as a gift” or “buy a set of rubber and get a free spare tire”. And then it is written with small letters that the gift means the possibility of buying the specified product at a price, for example, one penny. That is, the price of the product on the share will be paid 1 penny, although it is clear that the cost of this unit is significantly higher.

In this way, now we can answer what is the cost. Cost versus price is an estimate, not an actual value , which reflects the monetary value of some property. In the previous example, the value of a promotional balm or a tyre can be determined by analyzing the prices of similar goods in other stores. This valuation procedure is referred to as a comparative valuation approach.

As if the price and the cost we have been solved, so now it is possible to move on to the definition of market value. The market value of the property is the price that will equally benefit the buyer and the seller. That is the maximum that the buyer agrees to give, and the minimum for which the seller agrees to sell the goods. It is understandable that all this is just if both sides act knowingly, without coercion and without much haste.

How to find out the market value

There are only three approaches to determining the market value of any type of property:

  • Market approach. Based on the comparison of the prices of the offer for similar property. Also this approach is called comparative.
  • Income approach. Determines the cost of the property based on the income it can bring to its owner. This approach is often used when conducting real estate evaluation.
  • The cost approach is perhaps the most controversial in terms of market value. The essence of the method is to take into account all the costs of creating such a facility and subtract different types of wear. The approach may not always adequately answer the question “how much property can be sold”, but rather answer on the questions “how much is it worth to create a new facility” and “how much is it worth to repair it”. For all its faults, this approach has been applied, in particular, while doing valuation of equipments and stock assessment.

What other types of cost are here

At the end of the article, it is also should be mentioned that in some provisions of the Tax Code (specifically in the section on the imposition of income tax on the sale of real estate by individuals) the market value is called “evaluation”. And in accounting standards for fixed asset valuation it mention like “fair value”. About what other types of value (except market) we recommend to read in the article «What is the value that the appraiser determines».