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Expert Evaluation in Ukraine

We will provide you with an independent expert evaluation:

Expert evaluation in Kyiv

Our advantages include:

  • Competitive prices. We regularly analyse our competitors’ offers and strive to give you the best conditions for cooperation!
  • Skilled at working within a short, well-defined time frame. Our commitments are always met in full compliance.
  • Our appraisers are able to perform high-quality work of increased complexity due to their high level of training and experience. Including for submission to the courts and public authorities. Experts from Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise have repeatedly confirmed that the results of our work for the court are correct.
  • We will cover the expense of sending the documents! The delivery is completely free for you. Nova Poshta logo

What factors affect the cost of work for expropriating real estate and other property.

Usually, visitors of our website draw attention to the fact that in our rate’s table of expert evaluation all prices are indicated with the addition of a pre-position «from». We immediately want to add that this is not because we can not form the cost of their work, but due to it is influenced by a rather large number of factors that are difficult to fit in one table. The expanded rates are presented below, based on additional factors that influence the evaluation. And the most detailed information about the expert evaluation of the desired type of property you can get by clicking on the link to the corresponding section of our site.

Please be aware that the rates, which is listed below, are applicable to standard properties. For example, estimating the cost of a garage, which is located in the yard of an apartment building, would be more expensive than estimating the same garage located in a garage cooperative.

The valuation of an apartment, rooms, garages, parking lots.

Valuation of apartments

Expert evaluation in Kyiv about typical objects:

  • to give to the next of kin or inherit from the next of kin (notary does not require to register the evaluation report in the database of the State Property Fund of Ukraine). 1000 UAH.
  • for the purpose of selling, gifting to a stranger or a distant relative (the report is recorded in the database SPFU). 1000 UAH.
  • for presentation in court, if we have access to the apartment. From 2000 UAH + pay for appraiser’s check-out.
  • for presentation in court, if we do not have access to the apartment or documents are missing. 2000 UAH.

Expert evaluation in the Kyiv region:

  • for selling, gifting or inheritance. 1000 UAH (may vary between locations).
  • for presentation in court, if we have access to the apartment. From 2000 UAH + pay for appraiser’s check-out.
  • for presentation in court, if we do not have access to the apartment or documents are missing. 2000 UAH.

Expert evaluation of land.

Evaluation of the land

Evaluation of land for development, for horticulture (summer cottages), «under the garden» (private farming, household plot):

  • in Kyiv or neighboring regions for selling, gifting, inheritance. 1000 UAH.
  • in Kyiv or other regions for selling, gifting, inheritance. From 1000 UAH, depending on location.
  • for presentation in court. from 2000 UAH + pay for appraiser’s check-out (in some cases check-out is not necessary).
  • the cost of expert assessment of commercial plots, as well as plots of large area, is determined individually.

Residential evaluation.

Residential evaluation

In some cases, for example, for gifting or in some cases for the court, it is necessary to carry out an expert assessment of the house without taking into account the value of the land parcel, which belongs to it:

  • for selling, gifting or inheritance. from 1000 UAH.
  • for presentation in court. From 2000 UAH + pay for appraiser’s check-out (in some cases check-out is not necessary).
  • estimating non-type houses, such as modern cottages with large areas, can be more expensive.

Vehicle evaluation.

Vehicle evaluation

the cost of the evaluation work is given for typical common brands and models of cars which find a good technical condition:

  • passenger car. 2000 UAH. For presentation in court – from 2500 UAH.
  • truck. From 2000 UAH depending on the car model.
  • special purpose vehicles with mounted equipment. The cost of work is determined individually.

Expert evaluation of real estate, which relates to non-residential housing.

Evaluation of real estate

due to the significant number of factors that affect the cost of work, the prices for it may differ significantly from the reference points:

  • integrated area (office, shop, warehouse) for selling, gifting or inheritance. From 2000 UAH depending on the room’s location, space, and other attributes.
  • separate building. From 3000 UAH based on the specific characteristics of the object. Usually, the value of those expert appraisals is within limits 3000-4000 UAH.
  • property owned by the state for accounting purposes. From 3000 UAH.
  • Kyiv municipal property for lease. From 3000 UAH.
  • production and storage complexes. The cost of the expert evaluation is determined individually.

Valuation of equipments, Fixed assets valuation.

Fixed assets valuation

It is unfortunate that it is not possible to determine the cost of work in terms of one piece of equipment for this type of expert assessment. Cost of work is formed from the list of fixed assets, which we ask you to send to our email. This is due to the fact that under the terms «equipment» or «fixed assets» can be meant a very large range of property, the evaluation of which is carried out using completely different methods, approaches and procedures. Even if you take simple hardware like computer evaluation, it’s not the number of items in the list that affects it more than the number of retries (similar models in the list), prevalence of these models (ordinary computers, servers or specialized computer equipment) and their age (the equipment’s age makes it more difficult to determine its cost).

Stock evaluation, corporate rights assessment.

Stock evaluation

As with the valuation of property, plant and equipment, it is not possible to give the average value of the valuation of shares or corporate rights. This is due to the fact that in most cases within the framework of this work to determine the value of the enterprise, it is necessary to carry out revaluation of fixed assets, which are on its balance sheet and other assets and liabilities, in particular. In other words, to determine the value of securities or the corporate rights of the enterprise, you need to calculate how much its entire property is worth, and deduct from this amount its liabilities (debts).

Therefore, in order to estimate the value of the expert valuation of such property rights, we request that the balance for the last reporting period be sent to our e-mail address. Our evaluators will analyze it and ask for more information (decryptions) on a number of its lines. Deciphering which lines will be needed will become clear only after we see the balance sheet, as it is not clear in advance what kind of assets and liabilities are on the balance sheet of the company. After receiving the balance and deciphering, the amount of work becomes fully clear, which gives us the opportunity to offer you an adequate estimate cost and timing.

Expert property evaluation – what is this service?

peer review report

Expert evaluation. Even in the ear, this expression is seen to be important, meaningful and reliable. But, well, it depends on the expert. Professional independent assessor has certificates of completion of special, accredited courses and of successful completion of the State Property Fund of Ukraine. Evaluation reports that they issue as a result of their work – official documents that can be stored not only in the nightstand, but also submitted to state and other authorities, courts, insurance companies, tax inspectorates. As they say: «issued for delivery at the place of claim».

What types of assets can be determined by appraiser? Well, we can appreciate everything that has price and value. Of course, the most common services are valuation of real estate (houses, apartments, garages, etc) and expert cars assessment. However, other values can also be assessed. Often our employees have to assess land, determine the value of the shares and other securities, enterprises and their assets (equipment).

Expert evaluation of property can be the starting point for talking about the purchase and sale of an object, a kind of official declaration of some equilibrium price. Of course, the amount for which the object will be sold, in the end, will be determined in the process of negotiation and bargaining, but, agree, always need to build on something. The evaluator’s report is the kind of document an opponent has to agree with.

The evaluator determines the value of the object, whether it is an apartment, a car, securities or something else, based on the aggregate of a significant number of indicators. However, the significance of each of these indicators in the final assessment varies. People rarely think about it, but the same indicators can have different meanings for different objects. So, for example, a spacious trunk is important for a family car and is not so important for an executive sedan. Low fuel consumption is more important for an inexpensive hatchback than for a luxury SUV, and so on.

Of course, the cost of the facility can be estimated without an expert. You can, for example, look at the Internet similar ads, and determine the price based on them. However, the result that a qualitative expert assessment can give, often can significantly increase the cost of sale or lower the cost of purchase. The fact is that an expert will help to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your proposal. Having spent very little time, and spending a little money, you can often significantly improve the object of sale, significantly increasing its value on the market and attractiveness for buyers. There is another very important point. Correcting the shortcomings identified by the appraiser will disarm the buyer, depriving him of space to bargain.

In article “Why do you need a vehicle evaluation” we have already cited the example of automotive glass. Let’s say you are selling a car and there is a nasty crack on the windshield. You have been living with her for years, and nothing. The buyer of your car will certainly notice the damage, and use it to lower the price. How much will you give him? By experience — in 2-3 times more, than you would have if you had replaced the glass before you sold it.

We do not often give this much importance yet, but expert appraisal is the only universal way to objectively determine the value of any type of property. On the one hand, it is more profitable to sell. On the other – to buy at a fair price, almost not risking running into a cat in a bag.

Our valuation company suggests identification procedures on market price almost all types of property (not only dealing with antiques and objects of cultural value, as it is, as they say, a separate history). Evaluation is carried out by leading evaluators, specialists in their fields of expertise. The evaluation report issued by us is the official document confirming the price of your object. We are ready to explain in a simple and simple way how an expert evaluation will be beneficial in your particular case. Contact us any time and do not lose your money!

You are welcome to call us, we will gladly answer on all your questions!

Our address, travel card, phone, email and office hours can be found in «Contacts» on our website. Most often we carry out evaluations in Kyiv and Kyiv region. However, we are often contacted by customers from other regions. Given that the ready documents we send you by Nova Poshta at our expense, there is no big difference, send them to Kyiv or, for example, to Odesa. Another thing is that not all works can be done remotely, but these issues are discussed and solved individually.



What is an expert evaluation

But do you know what «expert evaluation» in the broader sense of this term? After all, this concept is not limited to determining the market value of a particular type of property.

Peer review is required in many areas. The evaluator’s skills and knowledge can help make a correct, completely objective decision in the promotion of any product or service. Expert evaluation is used when outside expert advice is needed to form an objective view of a particular problem.

This is a special process that is carried out by a highly specialized specialist or team of specialists. Experts provide information to the owners of companies, thus facilitating the adjustment of their activities. This is necessary to help eliminate various problems or deficiencies in the company’s operations, improve performance and profits.

What types of expert evaluation are in place?

There are several types of peer review. Evaluation may differ in the number of people involved in expert opinion formation.


Based on the expert opinion of one or more specialists who work individually. Such decisions are also characteristic of collective evaluation. However, in this case, the final verdict is based on the opinion of one specialist.


The final verdict of the expert group shall be drawn up on the basis of their overall agreed opinion. Before the report is compiled the evaluators consult, reaching a single conclusion.

The expert group’s basic requirements

From the evaluation of the expert group directly depends on both the position of a particular product and all activities of the enterprise. It is for this reason that the process of selecting appraisers is extremely difficult, responsible and multifaceted. The final results of the valuation determine the effectiveness of the decisions taken and the methods implemented. Evaluation experts are required:

  • competency;
  • knowledge of related fields of activity that are not directly related to the subject under study is necessary;
  • scientific and academic achievements, as well as practical experience in this field;
  • being able to think and apply creative solutions.

The using of a certain method in the calculation process directly depends on expert assessments for this purpose. Therefore, the methods used are individually discussed with the customer in each specific situation.

Approaches to expert evaluation

Peer review can help to identify the complexity and relevance of specific processes, the factors that influence the situation. And also, very importantly, to find alternative solutions. In expert assessments such approaches are used:

  1. Forecasting. This approach is aimed at assessing multiple scenarios, finding the right way to allocate resources, and looking ahead.
  2. Intuitive approach, which involves using the expertise of the expert group in situations where there is insufficient initial information to conduct the evaluation.

These approaches are used in both individual and collective evaluation.

Expert evaluation in many cases can help the owner of a company to objectively assess the ongoing business processes. And make adjustments to certain activities in time. This assessment helps to identify and eliminate various problems in the company’s operations and to protect yourself from unnecessary losses.