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Posts tagged: Evaluation Of The Apartment

Here we collected various articles, recordings and materials that relate to the evaluation of apartments. At first glance, it seems that nothing can be easier than to determine the value of such a real estate. Indeed, you can just open any major ad site and after five minutes to understand how much you are interested in housing. But it is not that simple as it looks like.

Firstly, in some cases, determining the value of an apartment can be a far from trivial task. Especially if the characteristics of the premises or house in which it is located are a bit atypical.

Secondly, the procedure for evaluating the value of apartments may differ depending on the purpose of the procedure. This is particularly important while preparing documents of evaluation for court. In this case, it is not only important that the documents themselves be prepared by the appraiser are technically correctly. But the fact that the procedural procedure itself is 100% observed. After all, as you know, the evidence in the case may be declared inadmissible by the court and not accepted for consideration if it is obtained in violation of the legal order.

We present a selection of thematic articles. If you have any questions, you are welcome to call or write us. We will certainly respond to them!

Taxes on real estate transactions

Taxes on sale, gift, inheritance of real estate in Ukraine

As many people know, in almost all countries of the world, any transaction with re-registration of real estate entails significant tax obligations. Ukraine is no exception. At the same time, despite the complaints of many sellers, in fact in our country, taxes on the sale of real estate are not as high as in many other countries of European Union. Our appraisers are often asked to consult not only on the direct valuation of real estate. But also for the costs that will accompany the transaction. So we decided to systematize all this information in this article.

Black realtor

Black realtors and apartment raiders – how to protect yourself

In recent years, fraud related to the activities of realtors has increased significantly. In the text of this article collected for you the most detailed information about how realtors cheat in the process of buying/selling or renting real estate. In addition, we will tell about black realtors and raiders who are extremely dangerous criminals, ready to do anything to get an apartment.

Searching for an apartment for rent using newspaper advertisements

Eight traps that you can get into when renting an apartment

To rent a good apartment with a convenient location at a bargain price is quite difficult. Everyone who has at least once looked for rental housing knows that this process is extremely difficult and long. Much worse, if you study a lot of options and find a suitable housing but then realizing that the apartment is not so good as you thought.

Broker shows apartment to buyers

Selling an apartment – how not to fall victim to the deception of brokers

It is believed that it is almost impossible to sell an apartment without an intermediary. That is why now most people who want to sell an apartment, I ask for help from realtors. It should be understood that the main purpose of the broker is to conclude a transaction in order to receive their commission. Therefore, the intermediaries do everything to make the sale was due to them. Usually a realtor charges five percent for his services, which is a pretty decent amount. To get their share, intermediaries are willing to do almost anything, even cheating clients. Consider the most common schemes and tricks of intermediaries.

The swindler wants to sell the apartment

Fraudulent schemes and deception of realtors when buying an apartment

In the process of searching for an apartment, most often the buyer comes across an intermediary. Almost all the ads that come across in the search, anyway were compiled by realtors. That is why it is extremely difficult to contact the real owner of the apartment. We will tell you how not to get caught in the tricks of realtors and not lose extra money on commissions for intermediaries.

Transfer of the deposit when buying real estate

The deposit, the advance and the preliminary contract – what’s the difference?

What is a preliminary contract of the purchase and how to arrange it correctly, than the deposit is different from the advance payment, what can be returned from it, and what is not? These issues are faced by most people who are going to buy or sell property. We tell you what is best to choose, how to avoid mistakes in the process of buying a house and paperwork.

Two girls enter the apartment

What is the difference between flat and apartment

We analyze the significant differences between the purchase of an flat (living space) and apartments (non-residential premises). What are these «apartments», which we are trying to sell developers? The beautiful name «apartment» does not mean «luxury flat» as it may seem at first glance. It is rather «hotel room» – non-residential premises with all unpleasant «surprises» for the future owner.

A young family chooses a floor for an apartment in a new building

How to choose a floor apartment in a new house

The market value and evaluation of an apartment can vary significantly depending on the floor on which it is located. This applies to both the primary market and the secondary. In this article we tell about which floor is more comfortable to live in new buildings. There are certain pros and cons of all floors that must be considered in the process of finding new housing.

Apartment buildings - Troyeshchyna and Rainbow array in Kyiv

30 highlights when choosing and buying apartments

Sometimes it seems that to buy an apartment you only need to find financial means. However, when it comes time to choose the future housing, it turns out that you need to remember a lot of nuances. If anything is left out, it is fraught with problems in the future. In order to buy future housing was easier to navigate and do not forget anything important, use these tips that take into account all the most important aspects of the process.

the entrance to the apartment is on the top floor

Evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of apartments on the upper floors

Floors are an important factor in the evaluation of apartments, especially for presentation in court. List of features of housing on the last floors of apartment buildings.

The cat is sitting on the windowsill in the apartment on the first floor

Ground floor apartment – advantage or disadvantage?

Features of apartments located on the ground floors of many apartment buildings. Let’s find out: the ground floor – is it still an advantage or a disadvantage?

Armchair and TV in an empty room

Is the value of furniture and appliances taken into account when evalating an apartment?

This question worries almost all real estate appraisal customers when it comes to preparing documents for filing with the court during divorce proceedings. When former spouses divide property, it is important to understand exactly how the appraiser determines the market value, what he takes into account and evaluates.

Apartment appraisers

How do you determine the price of the apartment?

Probably one of the simplest questions. However, as often happens, if you delve a little deeper, not everything may turn out to be so simple. Let’s figure it out!

A married couple in a small apartment does not know what to do

What to do if the value, that the appraiser identified, is higher or lower than the real transaction price?

In theory, of course, both of these values must be, if not identical, very close to each other. However, in practice, significant inconsistencies occur quite often. So what to do?

Appraisal Of Real Estate

Appraisal Of Real Estate in Ukraine

Evaluation of the apartment

Evaluation of the Apartment in Ukraine