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Ground floor apartment – advantage or disadvantage?

The cat is sitting on the windowsill in the apartment on the first floor

When you need to find an apartment for rent, among other parameters and characteristics of housing, we pay attention to the floor. More precisely, whether this apartment is located on the ground floor of a high-rise. For some, this location is an advantage, and for others – a disadvantage.

Let’s try to summarize the advantages and disadvantages of apartments on the first floors of apartment houses.

The main benefits of living on the first floor of an apartment building

  • No neighbors on the ground floor, no need to think about how loud you walk, if there is noise when moving around the apartment.
  • Price. As a rule, the price of accommodation located on the 1st floor is at least 15-20% cheaper than similar apartments on higher floors.
  • No need for an elevator. This is important for the elderly or for people with claustrophobia who are afraid of small enclosed spaces. In addition, if the elevator in the house is small, it is very uncomfortable for mothers with strollers. And in general, there are difficulties, it would seem, in such a simple question, when there is a need to carry a bicycle in the elevator. Therefore, for these purposes, the first floor is the perfect option.
  • You don’t have to worry about a kid who might fall out the window.
  • Possibility of converting an apartment into an office or shop with creation of separate entrance group.
  • Daily rent of the apartment. We will not dwell in detail on this issue, we will point out that such a lease of the property is often more profitable than long-term rental. In addition, if the company of people who rents a room, noisy, then you can not be afraid that there will be problems with the neighbors downstairs.
  • Good water pressure. People who bought an apartment in an old house face this problem. Most often in such homes weak water pressure, which is very difficult to reach the upper floors. But the lower floors, in particular the first, do not suffer from this disadvantage and are in a very advantageous position.

Apartment with separate entrance

Negative aspects of living in the apartment on the first floor

  • The presence of noise from the entrance: the constant beat of the access door, the sound of the intercom, the noise of approaching cars. Either in principle, cars that drive between the houses. If the playground is close to the windows of the apartment, it is a constant cry of children.
  • Dust and dirt. On the ground floor it is impossible to open a window, especially in summer, because dust and dirt will immediately be in the apartment. And if the windows of the dwelling face the busy road, then all the smells from the exhaust pipes will be at your home.
  • An ugly view from the window, or rather his absence. Although often in front of the windows of the first floors planted flower beds with flowers, and massive trees planted away from the walls of the house. But nevertheless, this problem is often present, especially if the windows look towards the entrance.
  • The need for bars on the windows. This is very important, because the apartment located on the ground floor, and without bars on the windows is a great bait for robbers.
  • Dampness and smell from the basement, especially in old houses. This leads to the appearance of cockroaches, mice and other unwanted animals in the apartment. Because of this, by the way, such housing is unlikely to be suitable for living with young children.
  • Lack of privacy. This problem applies to rooms with very low windows. If the curtains are not closed, any oncoming transverse observer will be able to observe what is happening in your home.
  • Lack of light. This is one of the main problems. Because even if the apartment is located on the south side, sunlight will not enter the apartment. Added to the inconvenience are trees that don’t let the light through. And if, as in the Czech projects, between the windows of the room and the street there is also a glass balcony, you need to be ready to live in constant semi-darkness.
  • Poor heating. If with water, the residents of the first floor usually do not have problems with heating, they just happen quite often. Most of the ground floor apartments are very cold. If the apartment is close to the access door, then each opening and closing of this door cold will penetrate into the entrance. In the event that the doors of the apartment are not insulated, this cold will directly penetrate into the apartment itself. It is also worth noting the cold coming from the floor, under which is not heated basement.

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