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Selling an apartment – how not to fall victim to the deception of brokers

Broker shows apartment to buyers

Nowadays it is believed that it is almost impossible to sell an apartment without an intermediary. That is why now most people who want to sell an apartment, seek help from realtors.

It should be understood that the main purpose of the broker is to conclude a transaction in order to receive their commission. Therefore, the intermediaries do everything to make the sale was due to them. Usually a realtor charges five percent for his services, which is a pretty decent amount. To get their share, middlemen are willing to do almost anything, even cheating clients. Consider the most common schemes and tricks of intermediaries.

Fake advertisements

Both on the Web and on the pillar, near the entrances you can often find ads that say about buying an apartment for yourself. A person who wants to sell an apartment, calls on the ad in the hope that contacts with real buyers. However, in reality, such ads are most often just a lure mediator who wants to fill up their customer base.

Thanks to such a trick broker just looking for apartments, and then offers them to other people. To realtor not deceive, you should be extremely careful and not respond to such advertisements.

How realtors bring down the price

To sell the apartment as soon as possible, intermediaries use a variety of methods. For example, a realtor can come with potential clients to show them the apartment. Buyers like everything, they want to buy an apartment and even offer an advance. But the cost for them is a little high, so they ask for a little bit off.

Of course, the owner of the real estate agrees, because it is the real buyer. And concedes, for example, from 45 to 42 thousand. Then the realtor says you can meet tomorrow to hand over the advance and sign all the papers. Only the next day it turns out that the buyers refused, found a better option or just changed their mind.

In fact, there were no buyers who changed their minds. In fact, the mediator was just checking to see if you were willing to lower your apartment’s rating. After that, the realtor will offer your real estate at a lower cost. And, if the real buyers already want to bargain, then the price will have to lower. All this is done in order to sell the apartment as quickly as possible and to receive commissions. Only from the actions of such dishonest realtors suffer it is sellers of apartments.

Intermediary lowers cost without the seller’s knowledge

This is a pretty popular method used by realtors. For example, an intermediary finds an ad for the sale of an apartment. He then places the same ad with his contacts, but with a price that is insignificant but lower. This is done in order to simply attract potential buyers and dial the customer base. After that, the buyer will contact no longer directly with the seller, but with the realtor, which will lead him to show the apartment.

For example, initially the apartment was put up for sale by the real owner for 50 thousand UAH. A realtor reduces the cost to 49. In this case, in the search for an advert with a lower price is shown first. When the buyer comes to look at the apartment, he will be surprised why the cost is higher than was indicated. Naturally, it will appear that he just want to deceive. The intermediary really cheats, but not only the buyer, but also the seller. So, the broker just prevents the sale of the apartment.

The realtor expects that if the real buyer likes the apartment, and the seller sees that his property really want to buy, then the cost will be reduced. And the mediator for his services will take a commission, thus earning some money.

Can I get a photo?

To place an attractive advertisements on your behalf, the mediator needs new, high-quality photos. For this, the realtor brings to see the apartment of his friend, who under the guise of a real buyer asks to take a couple of photos. Which she supposedly wants to show her husband at home.

But in a few days, these photos will be posted on all real estate sales sites on behalf of the realtor. Thanks to this trick, the intermediary will be much easier to sell the apartment and get their percent.

The broker makes a photo of the apartment

Deception with fake buyers

Often, under the guise of real buyers, middlemen bring their friends who are simply actors. All this is necessary in order to create the appearance of active work, reduce the cost for faster sale.

Such actions of realtors just waste your time. People who are not going to buy an apartment, just walk, look, create a buzz. And it is good if the mediator warns about the visit, but he can come without a call, creating obvious inconvenience to the owners of the apartment.

Real buyers, but not of this apartment

Many people turn to realtors to help them find an apartment. There is nothing wrong with this, because an honest and conscientious mediator can greatly facilitate and even accelerate the search. But here is a dishonest so-called broker, whose main purpose is to sell real estate in the shortest possible time, will show customers all the options he has. Even though they are obviously not very suitable for a potential buyer.

Most often buyers are looking for a particular option. For example, people want to buy two bedrooms apartment for rent, not a corner one, in the sleeping area, first and last floor do not want to even consider. And the intermediary takes the buyers to the one-room apartment on the first floor, shows huge one bedroom apartment in a new building etc.

The realtor will show all the apartments that are at least a little bit like what buyers want. It should be understood that the main task of the mediator is to sell real estate in the shortest possible time. Buyers’ requests are therefore often ignored.

It happens that such a deception is an accident. If the realtor has never been to the apartment, but leads to show it to buyers. Not all middlemen look at apartments that are sold before showing them to customers-buyers.

But often this is done specifically so that after viewing a dozen inappropriate options, the buyer agreed to the first apartment, which more or less suits him. Even at an inflated cost.

If the intermediary is dishonest, and his main goal is only and exclusively to receive commissions, he will show you everything that he has in sight. Use various tricks, cheat and cheat. All for a percentage with the sale. As a result, both buyers and sellers of apartments suffer because of such actions, which waste their time and nerves, and the real sale may not take place.

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