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Black realtors and apartment raiders – how to protect yourself

Black realtor

In recent years, fraud related to the activities of realtors has increased significantly. In the text of this article collected for you the most detailed information about how realtors cheat in the process of buying/selling or renting real estate. In addition, we will tell about black realtors and raiders who are extremely dangerous criminals, ready to do anything to get an apartment.

Many people have never been involved with the real estate industry in their lives, so it is essential to learn all the schemes and ways of deception which realtors resort to.

Of course, you should not think that all those who work in the field of real estate, seek to deceive people and profit from it. Do not be afraid to seek help from intermediaries. But you should always be prepared to not let yourself be deceived.

Black Realtors

These are extremely dangerous people who engage in outright fraud. The main activity of black realtors is the sale of real estate, which they obtained illegally. Such people usually deceive the owners of apartments, and then offer a power of attorney to sell the apartment. Naturally, you can not do this in any case, otherwise the owner of the apartment will lose not only the housing, but also will not receive money.

But such realtors are really dangerous, because they can try to forcibly force the landlord to sign all the documents or even kill him. It seems that such events have long remained in the bad 90s, but unfortunately nowadays it also happens.

Quite often black realtors «work» together with bandits, organized criminal groups and professional lawyers. In this case, it is extremely difficult to prove the guilt of criminals, because they are almost always covered by the police and judges. That is why you should be very responsible and careful to choose an intermediary for the sale of the apartment. And trust should be only reputable companies that have a good reputation and conduct legal activities, confirmed by relevant documents and customer feedbacks.

Apartment raiders

The activity of this category of fraudsters is not directly related to crime, but still poses a serious danger to owners of real estate. Raiders act on a fairly simple scheme. They buy a part of the apartment, after which they try to influence other tenants. Raiders may use psychological pressure or even physical violence, but there is no attempt to kill anyone.

For example, in a result of divorce property is divided between spouses in court proceedings. Then one of the owners of the apartment evaluates and sells its part. Then it is bought by fraudsters and then they try to move out the second owner from the apartment.

According to the law, part of the apartment belongs to the realtor-raider, who has the right to dispose of it. In the apartment inhabited marginal individuals who do not give life to the second owner. After a few months of this life, a man would do anything to rid himself of this nightmare. And sells his share at an extremely low cost, which is what the scammers expect.

In the case that the owner does not want to leave his apartment, raiders can apply more severe methods. At the same time, the police can not intervene and help, because under the law the raider owns half of the property.

After a person does not stand up such life, he agrees to sell his part of the apartment. It is bought by a raider, who will later sell the entire apartment at a higher market price.

They are scammers, not realtors

It is necessary to understand that not all realtors are honest people. Some of them just tend to cheat an unlucky customer and profit from it. One of the most dangerous schemes is obtaining rights to the apartment by deception.

Fraudsters take advantage of the fact that not all people are well versed in legal issues, so they forge documents, tricking property owners to sign them. Such realtors try to get into the trust of the person, and then own the apartment.

Trusting people believe that the intermediary is just trying to help sell the apartment. So sometimes even without looking, sign the documents. However, you should always carefully read what you sign. It is even better to contact a lawyer from outside to check all the papers. This is the most reliable way to keep your apartment and not be without money.

Let’s look at the most common ways and methods that fraudsters resort to take possession of someone else’s apartment.

Selling the apartment without owner

A huge number of apartments were sold fraudulently when their owners were away. Of particular interest to fraudsters are apartments that stand unattended for a long time. For example, if the owner has gone on a long business trip, in summer lives in a country or temporarily works in another country.

The criminals are looking for apartments that are vacant for a long time. After that, all the documents for the apartment are forged and sell it as soon as possible. The property of the former owner is simply thrown out or sold together with the apartment. Thanks to the coordinated work of the criminal gang, all documents are quickly processed through a front lawyer and give the keys to the apartment to new owners who do not suspect anything.

When the owner returns, he will realize that other people live in the apartment. The problem is that they have all the necessary certificates and documents, so you can not just throw them out. In the future, a long trial begins. It is almost impossible to find intruders, because they have long been gone.

Apartment raiders

Basic contract as a preliminary contract

If a person does not understand the legal intricacies and is not familiar with the peculiarities of the design of documents when buying/selling real estate, he will not be able to distinguish the main contract from the preliminary. This means that an unscrupulous intermediary can slip people the wrong document to try to take their housing.

The scheme works quite simply. The apartment owner wants to sell it, but does not understand the legal nuances. So he finds a mediator who promises to settle all issues and prepare documentation for the transaction. The fraudster supposedly finds people who want to buy an apartment and are ready to make an advance, you just need to sign the documents. Instead of the preliminary contract of purchase/sale the owner is given to sign the main contract. The person does not read it carefully, does not understand the whole essence and signs. Without understanding the nuances, the person transfers the right of ownership of the property to another only for the amount of advance.

Deception and manipulation

Intermediaries often use rather dirty methods, but from the point of view of the law it is impossible to find fault with them. Realtor gets into the confidence of clients who want to buy an apartment. Mediator looks like an intelligent and cultured person, behaves with the utmost courtesy and courtesy.

But this is only a cover, because the main purpose of such an intermediary is to deceive, manipulate and steal money. After customers start trusting the realtor, the latter finds a suitable option for them at low cost. But there is one condition – you need to transfer the entire amount before signing the documents.

Naturally, such intermediaries should not be believed, because the client will simply steal all the money. And you will not be able to claim, because the notarized transfer of money was not certified.

General power of attorney

Often, intermediaries ask apartment owners to issue a general power of attorney. So all questions will be solved as quickly as possible, and people do not have to travel to all authorities and collect all the help to conclude the transaction. This option is especially often offered to those apartment owners who live in another city or country.

You should never give a general power of attorney to the intermediary, under whatever pretext he requests it. This is a guaranteed way to lose not only real estate, but financial resources.

Apartment on bail

There are situations when you urgently need money. If you decide to mortgage the apartment, you should be extremely careful. Especially in the process of signing documents. Such services are provided by some realtors and financial organizations. Do not contact questionable companies, even if they offer favorable conditions.

If the client is inexperienced and does not understand the legal intricacies, instead of documents about the loan they can slip a contract about the transfer of rights to the apartment. After that, the person ceases to be the owner of the apartment, which passes into the property of fraudsters. It is theoretically possible to return it, but in practice it will take long court proceedings.

Sale on behalf of dead people

Fraudsters often forge documents and sell real estate on behalf of people who have recently died. It is immoral, low and dirty, but the intruders use all methods.

Implementing this scheme, realtors and lawyers work together. In order to carry out such a fraud, it is necessary to retroactively forge a general power of attorney or a will. After that, you can safely sell the apartment to new owners.

In order not to become a victim of fraudsters, you should very carefully study all documents, check them with a notary who is not connected with the intermediary.

Forged power of attorney

False general power of attorney on real estate is one of the most popular ways to deceive buyers. It is not so difficult to forge such a document, especially if the intruders work together with a notary.

If you make several false certificates, you can safely sell the apartment, getting a huge profit. That is why professional lawyers do not advise to deal with the purchase/sale of real estate, if the transaction is made by proxy.

How not to become a victim of realtors-fraudsters

In order to protect yourself, your apartment and money as much as possible, during the interaction with intermediaries should be extremely careful. Carefully examine all documents, and before you sign something, it is better to consult a competent notary or contact a legal company.

It is necessary to understand that most fraudsters rely on your credulity and ignorance of legal issues. To prevent fraud by the realtor, you should hire a competent lawyer who will accompany the transaction, study and check all documents, as well evaluate potential risks. Experienced lawyer will not only help to conclude a deal, but also protect from deception, manipulation and psychological pressure.

The cost of the lawyer is much lower than the services of realtors. And of course, much less than the cost of an apartment, which you can lose if you sign the wrong document. Cooperating with a lawyer in the process of buying/selling an apartment, a person is reliably protected from any problems.

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