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Rubric: Expert Evaluation of Real Estate

Expert property evaluations

Real estate valuation is the most massive service provided by appraisers. After all, the majority of private clients – individuals turn to us most often just to determine the value of real estate: apartments, garage, less often – premises, a country house with a land plot. Separate place is occupied by determining the value of municipal property of Kiev for the conclusion (or extension) of the lease agreement.

The need for the services of the valuation company arises at the sale of property, as well as at various appeals to the court. At the same time, the issues to be resolved in court may also be «technical». When our report performs only a formal function. An example of such situations is inheritance by court order, if for some reasons it is not possible to do so under the standard procedure through a notary office. It is also common to assess real estate in a variety of property disputes: from property division in divorce proceedings to business disputes between co-founders.

This category contains articles that deal with general issues of real estate valuation. So for more information you can go to the more narrowly focused category of our site.

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Retrospective Valuation – when, to whom and why it is needed

In judicial practice, lawyers are often faced with the need to determine the market value of real estate or other property on a date that is remote in the past from the date of litigation. Usually we are talking about intervals of at least one year, and often several years. Increasingly, the term «retrospective evaluation» is used. What is this, and what are the features of historical valuation?

Appraisal Of Real Estate