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Evaluation of Summer Houses in Ukraine

Evaluation of Summer House

Saying about expert valuation of property, we traditionally mean primarily apartment and car. In fact, it is not very surprising, because it is the most expensive thing that we have. In the world of material things, of course. In our opinion, another dear (and not only our heart, but also in material terms) part of our domain is unjustifiably forgotten on this list…

The summer house.

Everyone has their own ideas about the summer houses. For some, it’s a temporary vegetable garden, to get on which you need to go on the train, and then come back with a harvest and a big pain in your back. For some, it is a small house, a sauna, a glades with green grass and just a few beds – just for your own pleasure. Someone’s summer house is eternal barbecue with friends. Someone uses the summer houses for year-round residence. And some of it is not a summer house at all, but a real country house with all imaginable and unthinkable conveniences. Many live in the summer houses for a long time (for example, all summer), and some even use the summer house as a permanent home.

But the appraiser is interested in summer house as first as property complex, as a real estate object – land for gardening with a house and possibly outbuildings. Determine the cost of such a site on the same principles as the cost of an apartment in the city is very incorrect. If in case of valuation of apartment in Kyiv the appraiser is simply looking for similar accommodation in similar homes in the same neighborhood, and then with house valuation situation is somewhat more complicated. This is due to the fact that the cost of the summer house consists of two parts: the cost of the land and the cost of the building itself. Recommend reading the article: “Is it necessary to evaluate the land when evaluing a house”.

Real estate valuation is not an the easiest thing. There are too many features not only for each type of real estate, but also for each specific object. Each of these features, in the end, has an impact on the cost of the object. Valuation of the summer house is a separate story. First, the summer house, as already mentioned, is not only a house, but also a plot of land. And also additional outbuildings, communications, vegetable gardens, inventory, etc. All this should be taken into account, especially if the evaluation of the summer house is needed for presentation at the court (we recommend to pay attention on the article: “What does it matter, for what does the expert valuation need for”). The market value of country houses is influenced by the area in which the “grounds” are located, the degree of development of the plot, the availability and quality of communications. In addition, the summer house is a recreational resource, which means that opportunities for recreation will be important – for example, the proximity of the river and the forest, the lake or the beach. Many go to the country on weekends, breaking out of the city where they worked all week. Fundamentally important indicator in summer house valuation can be its remoteness from the city, time on the road and the presence of major congestion. You can agree that no one wants to buy a summer house, which due to traffic you can not get to Friday night by car.

Our appraisers are constantly in the “market” of country real estate. Follow the legislation, monitor offers for the sale and purchase of country plots and summer houses, regularly visit industry exhibitions and forums for specialized professionals. All this allows you to constantly «be in the subject», keep your hand on the pulse, be ready to conduct a really correct land valuation and house on it. You are welcome to call us if you have any questions related to the evaluation of country real estate – we will gladly help you to understand every detail!