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Rubric: Evaluation of premises and structures

Evaluation of structures

Evaluation of structures is most often this service is needed when concluding a lease agreement for municipal property of Kyiv or other cities. Here you can find a lot of interesting and useful information about this topic. It will be of particular interest to you if you are only going to rent a communal property. And only understand the many features characteristic of this process. In which, as you know, real estate evaluation has main role.

We also evaluate the premises for other purposes. For example, for presentation in court or during the revaluation of fixed assets of enterprise. In the same section you can read about the differences in approaches to the valuation of commercial real estate of different types: offices, stores, warehouses.

Cost determination of various structures . First of all we are talking about the evaluation of engineering networks and communications for free transfer their to municipal property of Kyiv. And to the management of the respective service provider (Kyivvodokanal, Kyivteploenergo, Kyivgorsvit, Track and operational management, etc). We have extensive experience with water and sewage systems (including storm water), heating and lighting systems.

Evaluation of the premises almost always requires an individual approach. Because unlike, for example, non-residential real estate is characterized by a significant number of parameters and characteristics. Therefore, for advice tailored to your particular situation contact with us!

Classification of premises by humidity, temperature and dust content

When tenants choose premises for production needs, it was very difficult to pay attention to some specific characteristics of real estate. The article provides a classification of premises in terms of conducting their municipal activities. The most important parameters are temperature and humidity…

What is the difference between flat and apartment

We analyze the significant differences between the purchase of an flat (living space) and apartments (non-residential premises). What are these «apartments», which we are trying to sell developers? The beautiful name «apartment» does not mean «luxury flat» as it may seem at first glance. It is rather «hotel room» – non-residential premises with all unpleasant «surprises» for the future owner.

Communication evaluation

Evaluation of communications: water, sewage, heat, electricity, lighting systems, etc. Features of the evaluation in Kyiv.

Evaluation for rent of communal property

Evaluation of premises in Kyiv in municipal property for rent. Short description and features of the procedure. Algorithm of calculation of the rental rate.

Floors in the valuation of premises: basements, socles, mansard and attics

For anyone who deals with real estate, it is very useful to know the subtleties associated with the floor of objects. After all, the cost or rental rate for premises located in the socles is usually significantly higher than for the same objects in basements or underground floors. This is especially important when renting utility property in Kyiv, as the wording of the floor in the documents can both raise and lower the rent payments for the future tenant.