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Communication Evaluation in Ukraine

Evaluation of engineering networks and communications

Recently, an increasingly demanded service is the estimation of the cost of engineering communications (water supply, sewerage, lighting system, etc.) in order to transfer this property to the balance of the city (most often – Kyiv). Let’s understand what you need to pay attention and how to choose the appraiser to evaluate communications.

The main feature of determining the cost of transmission devices (this is what engineering networks in approval documents for the evaluation) is that in most cases the specialist is not able to examine them. Because water, sewage and gasification systems are usually laid underground, and digging them up for inspection will, of course, no one. Moreover, even if some communication is visible, the appraiser, not being a narrow specialist for a particular type of network, simply cannot determine their technical condition. In addition, we note that in this case the task of expert evaluation is to define the market value and not the technical state of the network.

Main types of engineering communications

The definition of the cost of communications as a popular service appeared on the market only a few years ago. And it was when the developers, housing office and condominiums began to transfer engineering networks to municipal property of Kyiv. Most often we are approached with the question about the evaluation of heat networks and hot water supply. Even a couple of years ago such objects were handed over to the management of «Kyivenergo». Now (in 2019) customers ask us to evaluate the heating networks for their transfer to the economic management of the public utility «Kyivteploenergo».

According to the frequency of calls to us the second place is taken by evaluation of water supply networks. In most cases, it is necessary to estimate the water supply in Kyiv for free transfer to the balance of «Kyivvodokanal». It should be noted that in this case, it is only a cold water supply. Since the MAG networks are evaluated as part of the thermal communications and, as mentioned above, are transferred to the Public Company «Kyivteploenergo».

The next type of transmission facility is sewage. Most often we are talking about the need to evaluate the external sewer, which connects to residential buildings. Such objects, as well as the water supply network, are transferred to the balance «Kyivvodokanal». A separate story – rainfall (or storm) sewer collectors. These objects, much to the regret of the people of Kyiv, are built quite rarely. And they are transferred to the management of Public Company «domestic administration».

Quite often we are approached by developers with the request to evaluate lighting networks to transfer them to the balance sheet of Public Company «Kyivgorsvitlo». This work differs from all previous ones in that all fixed assets and equipment are «in view». This is one of the most difficult works, as the network often includes control cabinets and other automation. And determining the cost of such nodes is not in itself a trivial task for the appraiser.

Types of engineering communications

What documents are needed for the expert evaluation of communications in Kyiv?

As with real estate valuation of all other types, to determine the cost of engineering networks must be provided:

  • documents, which confirm the right of ownership (or right of use) of customer on the evaluating property. Unfortunately, often the link between the client of the communication evaluation and the object itself can be confirmed only indirectly. For example, if the networks are located on land owned by the customer, you need to provide copies of the land deeds. Probably, after the construction there are estimates, which show not only the technical parameters of the facility, but also understand who was the customer of the construction.
  • technical information on communication parameters. For example, for water supply systems, it is the material and diameter of pipes, their length, depth, number of wells, etc.

What to look for when choosing an appraiser?

Of course, when choosing a contractor, it is necessary to make sure that all its authorization documents are available and relevant. Copies of all our professional documents with their full description are given in the section of the site «Appraisal company». Since engineering communications are real estate, they are evaluate as a specialized activity 1.1.

In addition to the availability of documents, it is important to pay attention to whether the evaluator has experience in determining the cost of communications in Kyiv and precisely for the purpose of transferring them to the balance sheet of Kyivvodokanal, Kyiv and other specialized enterprises. In section «Our customers» also showed the construction companies with whom we cooperate, including the determination of the market value of engineering networks.

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