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5 Signs That The House Rents a Swindler

Realtor scammer

Rental apartments in Kyiv is in high demand, but there are many fraudsters on the market who want to enrich themselves at the expense of too trusting or careless tenants. In order not to lose your precious money and not to be homeless, it is important to know what moments should alert you.

Price well below market average

If you are offered to rent an apartment one and a half or two times cheaper than similar housing in this area, you should think about it. And remember the saying «stingy pays twice». Too low price is one of the main signs that something is wrong with this proposal.

Up-front payment for views

The payment scheme «per address» is still encountered. Although not as often as before. The dishonest realtor asks for money for information about the apartment. And when the tenant arrives at the specified address, it turns out that the housing is already rented or not rented at all.

Remember, no legitimate broker will ask for a down payment. Always pay commission to the realtor only after signing the lease agreement.

Lack of originals documents

Unwillingness to show the original title deed is one of the clearest signs of fraud. Remember: the owner of the apartment must present the original title documents and his passport. If he doesn’t want to do it, there’s a good chance you’re looking at a fraud.

If there are more than one owner listed on the deed, ask for the written consent of all owners. Otherwise you may face a situation when you sign a contract with one of the owners, and after a while the second owner will require to vacate the residential area.

Excessive haste

Rent apartments in Kyiv is a responsible event, haste here is completely inappropriate. It is important to carefully read the contract, ask all the questions and specify the principled points. If the landlord rushes to sign the contract, rushes to pick up the money and leave, do not rent such a house. A serious owner is as interested in discussing all the details as the tenant. He will not rush anywhere when processing a transaction.

Landlord has difficulty answering

Before viewing the apartment, ask the landlord questions about the apartment, neighbors, district. A real owner or a good realtor can easily answer all your questions. But the fraudster, intending to rent an apartment in Kyiv by deception, will avoid such questions or answer very streamlined.

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