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Rubric: Evaluation of apartments and garages

Buying an apartment for most people is a very important event. Many people go for many years to finally buy their real estate. So everything that is related to the choice, evaluation and purchase of an apartment, interested to some extent all our fellow citizens.

In this category we collect interesting informative articles, devoted not only to the evaluation of apartments and garages. But also important information on how to choose the right real estate.

After all, on this choice depends comfortable life of the family for many years. And it will be very unfortunate if when choosing and evaluating an apartment something was not taken into account and «surfaced» after the documents are signed and the property is bought.

Garage Evaluation

Information on the service for the evaluation of garages and parking. Features of cost determination, description of the procedure of work.

Which flat is more profitable to rent: one- or two-room apartment?

With deposit rates down to near zero, more and more people prefer to buy apartments for later renting out. After all, keeping savings in banks becomes simply pointless. And also risky. What apartments will bring the maximum profit?

Independent power supply in the apartment or house step by step

Intermittent power outages prior to the 2022 war were due to various causes. Even then, many owners thought about how you can budget autonomous lighting in a house or apartment. In the past, the lights were out relatively infrequently, so few people have implemented the idea. However, the situation has changed dramatically since the autumn of 2022.

Evaluation of the Apartment