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How to choose a floor apartment in a new house

A young family chooses a floor for an apartment in a new building

The market value and evaluation of an apartment can vary significantly depending on the floor on which it is located. This applies to both primary and secondary markets. In this article we tell about what floor is more comfortable to live in new buildings, as well as about the distinctive features of choice.

On which floor you should buy an apartment

First of all, it should be understood that the choice of floors – a personal matter for everyone. However, there are certain pros and cons of all floors that must be considered in the process of finding new housing.

There is an opinion that the first floor of the house you should not choose at all. Supporters of this opinion argue their position by the proximity of the basement, constantly passing people at the entrance, the fear that outsiders will more often look through the windows. However, to get into the apartment on the first floor is much faster, because you do not need to wait for the elevator or walk on the stairs. We even have an article on the topic, which called «Ground floor apartment – advantage or disadvantage», we advise you to read it. Interesting.

Living in an apartment on the top floor can also be not very comfortable, because you can face problems with the flow of the roof and other inconveniences. But at the same time the best view of the house opens it is from the windows of the last floor. About the last floors we also write in detail in the article «Evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of apartments on the upper floors».

Modern construction technologies have taken a long step forward, and thanks to many innovations and scientific achievements, developers try to make life in new buildings as comfortable as possible. The search for new housing in the primary real estate market should take such factors into account:

  • the floor on which the apartment is located. Elevators are always installed in high-rise buildings, but they often break down, and residents have to climb on foot. Also in the morning rush hours often there is a situation when the lower floors can not get into the elevator, because it is loaded with people who drive from the top floors;
  • financial possibilities. It is worth considering that evaluation of the apartment on the first or last floor usually much lower;
  • home location. If the new building is located in a quiet and quiet area, there will be no problems, but most often the lower floors are more noisy. The window does not offer the most aesthetic view.

Advantages and disadvantages of the first floors

Among the obvious advantages of living on the lower floors can be attributed that:

  • often on the first floor open shops or offices. Therefore, residential apartments are not right above the basement, and go after commercial points. But technically it is customary to assume that such accommodation is still located on the ground floor;
  • market value is much lower;
  • such real estate is most often chosen by families where there are children or pensioners, not to depend on the efficiency of the elevator;
  • in case of emergency, for example, in case of fire, residents of the first floor will be able to leave the building faster;
  • the ground floor apartment can be converted into a commercial space, allowing you to start your business.

However, there are obvious shortcomings that must be mentioned. Specifically:

  • the lower floors are always more noisy. This is due to the proximity of the street, the work of air conditioners and the people constantly passing through the entrance. This problem can be solved if you make in the apartment high-quality soundproofing;
  • little natural light. In the case of windows facing the courtyard or on the shaded side, the apartment will get little daylight. So we’ll have to turn on artificial lighting more often, which means the electricity bill will be much higher. And it is not really good for your and your family mood and well-being;
  • the inhabitants of the lower floor more than others are afraid that their homes may intrude intruders. That is why, in addition to the usual armored door, you will have to install additional bars on the windows;
  • as a rule, there is no balcony on the first floor;
  • to sell an apartment at a favorable price will be very difficult, because many people want to live higher.

The most popular floors in the house

Choice of floor for apartment

According to statistics, in new buildings most often buy apartments from the third to the seventh floor. The main advantages of living on these floors include the following:

  • outside noise is almost not heard;
  • daylight perfectly and easily gets into the house;
  • if the elevator does not work, you can easily walk.

However, there are some disadvantages which have to be mentioned:

  • in case of elevator failure, of course you can walk by foots, but elderly people and young mothers with strollers can be uncomfortable;
  • in the first couple of years of life in a new building all neighbors will be doing repairs. So there will be no complete silence, especially given that the apartment, located in the middle of the house, from all sides is surrounded by other tenants. And the sounds of repair, as you know, spread down a few floors, just as well as up.

Apartments on the upper floors

The top is called all floors, starting from the eighth. Among the advantages of living at this height should be noted:

  • good appearance. And combined with panoramic windows – it is just amazing!;
  • a large amount of daylight;
  • clean air without smog.

It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that if you want as much natural lighting as possible, then designers advise you to choose housing with large window openings and a freer layout of apartments-studios.

Accommodation on the top floor of the house also has its advantages. For example, the neighbors above will not be disturbed. And if you want, you can independently complete the attic floor and expand the general living area. Or generally to build an open area of rest on the roof.

But, of course, there are certain disadvantages of living on the top floor:

  • in case of broken elevator, it will be difficult to reach the steps;
  • you have to wait the elevator for a longer time. The load on the lift is high especially in the peak hours, morning and evening. However, in modern homes usually install several fast elevators, so this problem is minimized;
  • one of the most common fears is the fear of heights. So many people living on the upper floors is simply not suitable;
  • in case of fire, it will not be possible to leave the house quickly.

Which floor is better to live

Of course, choosing a floor is a private matter. However, there are tips that you can choose the most comfortable place to live:

  • the ground floor is often taken by a technical room or commercial outlets. Therefore, apartments actually begin on the second floor, while their cost is still lower;
  • in case of fire, you can leave the apartment on the first-third floor quickly enough;
  • apartments located in the middle of the house are the most popular. Of course, they have certain cons, but the pros are still more;
  • for people who want to see a beautiful view from the window, more suitable apartments on the upper floors. But it should not be forgotten that in case of elevator failure you will have to climb to the apartment by foots.

The choice of a specific apartment in a new building is an important and difficult issue that is not limited to the floor. We advise you to read our article: «How to choose the right apartment in the unfinished house».