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Rubric: Residential Real Estate and Garages

Pay attention! This category contains articles that deal with common approaches to the evaluation of residential real estate, as well as garages. For more accurate information, please go to the appropriate sub-category:

Residential real estate and garages

Evaluation of residential real estate is probably the most common and technically simple work that an appraiser can perform. At the same time, behind this apparent simplicity lies a great responsibility for the quality of the work done. After all, we are talking about real estate, that is the most expensive property, which is owned by most people. In addition, sometimes there are situations in which a seemingly simple case turns into a far from trivial problem. After all, it is one case to determine the cost of an apartment in Kyiv in one of sleeping areas. And fully other – to assess the exclusive real estate, especially unusual and atypical for the area where it is located.

Our appraisal company specializes in carrying out of evaluation for court. Such work requires from appraisers a high level of attention and quality are required. After all, the second party of the trial will closely examine all the documents to find the slightest opportunity to find the report is inferior.

We also evaluate residential real estate for presentation to a notary. However, this is not for all cases, as the documents are processed dissimilar for different purposes.

Below is a selection of articles dealing with general issues of real estate that can be classified as residential. For more information, as we have written above, we recommend you to go to the appropriate more «narrowly focused» category of our site.

Taxes on sale, gift, inheritance of real estate in Ukraine

As many people know, in almost all countries of the world, any transaction with re-registration of real estate entails significant tax obligations. Ukraine is no exception. At the same time, despite the complaints of many sellers, in fact in our country, taxes on the sale of real estate are not as high as in many other countries of European Union. Our appraisers are often asked to consult not only on the direct valuation of real estate. But also for the costs that will accompany the transaction. So we decided to systematize all this information in this article.

Black realtors and apartment raiders – how to protect yourself

In recent years, fraud related to the activities of realtors has increased significantly. In the text of this article collected for you the most detailed information about how realtors cheat in the process of buying/selling or renting real estate. In addition, we will tell about black realtors and raiders who are extremely dangerous criminals, ready to do anything to get an apartment.

The deposit, the advance and the preliminary contract – what’s the difference?

What is a preliminary contract of the purchase and how to arrange it correctly, than the deposit is different from the advance payment, what can be returned from it, and what is not? These issues are faced by most people who are going to buy or sell property. We tell you what is best to choose, how to avoid mistakes in the process of buying a house and paperwork.

Features of determining the value of residential property

General information about the features of working with residential real estate. The article indicates the nuances characteristic for apartments and garages. As well as for residential houses and land on which they are located. More detailed information can be found on the specialized pages of our site dedicated to the specific type of real estate you are interested in.

What is the difference between flat and apartment

We analyze the significant differences between the purchase of an flat (living space) and apartments (non-residential premises). What are these «apartments», which we are trying to sell developers? The beautiful name «apartment» does not mean «luxury flat» as it may seem at first glance. It is rather «hotel room» – non-residential premises with all unpleasant «surprises» for the future owner.

What is special about buying Georgian real estate?

Georgia beckons to foreigners seeking homes with its inviting climate and friendly locals. The property transactions here are refreshingly uncomplicated, mirroring processes in many other nations. The Civil Code and clear guidelines stipulate the investment requirements for purchasing, ensuring a transparent path for buyers.