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Pitfalls when buying a house: what to pay attention on

Three-dimensional model of a residential building with furniture

Buying a private house outside the city is a very important and responsible decision. Inexperienced buyer can face a lot of «pitfalls» and unexpected problems. All the nuances when buying a house can be divided into two categories:

  1. Location and condition of the house.
  2. Documentation of ownership of the real estate (both the house and the land below it).

Buying a house is an important step, which is sometimes difficult to decide. However, if a person wants to live in a country house, in the process of independent valuation of house he has to pay particular attention to some details.

Evaluating the location of the house

Many buyers consciously choose country houses so that they are located as far away from the city as possible. However, it should be remembered that if a family has children, it is necessary to choose a house so that they were comfortable to get to the nearest kindergarten or school. In case they are located far away, the parents will have to drive and take child to and from it.

In addition, the availability of other infrastructure close to the house should be taken into account. For example, it would be nice if there were shops near the house. You should also know how close the house is to public transport stops.

Also take into account the road surface, which will have to travel daily, as well as street lighting.

Let’s look in the inside of house

Of course, before buying you need to carefully inspect the house from the inside. You should pay attention not only to the layout, but also to the quality of the repair. And also materials that were used for interior decoration. It should be remembered that an expert opinion on the quality of the finish can only issue the profile specialist. That is why it is best to contact a company that provides comprehensive real estate evaluation services.

However, first you can see the house by yourself. If you like the layout of the building, then you can already order the appraiser’s services, which will be able to tell exactly how high-quality repairs were made.

Inside the house, all rooms and additional rooms, if any, should be examined. Special attention should be paid to the smooth opening and closing of doors and windows. If you need to make an effort to close, this is a worrying sign. After all, this may indicate a shrinkage of the foundation. This problem often leads to cracks or even destruction of the building.

Study in detail the double glazing for the presence of moisture inside. It is also necessary to understand how high-quality slopes and window sills are made, whether there are drafts.

Also the flooring should be carefully inspected, which should be smooth, without obvious defects or cracks.

The owner of the house can be asked to open the water, turn on the heating system, inspect the gas oven. In the toilet, you should inspect the pipes for leaks, as well as understand how quickly the water in the bathroom and toilet. In the event that water pipes are vented into a cesspool or septic tank, they should also be examined. If the septic tank or pit is more than 2/3 full, this may indicate an incorrect drainage system. Serious problems could arise in the future.

Evaluate visually the thickness of the external walls. After all, they retain heat inside the building. It should also be remembered that the load-bearing structures are the basis of the house. They hold the roof and all the floors. The minimum thickness of the outer supporting wall is 380 mm (one and a half bricks). However, if the building is built on monolithic frame technology, the wall can be thinner.

Exploring the attic and basement

Skylight on the roof

The attic and basement of the house must be dry, without smell or obvious traces of mold. The high humidity in the basements has an extremely negative impact on the climate throughout the building. When inspecting the attic should pay attention to the quality of the floors. The roof should not leak, and the room should be well ventilated. The ceiling in the attic must also be insulated. In case, if for insulation is used minwool, they must be covered with a special film.

External examination of the building

During the external inspection of the house, it is necessary to make sure that there are no cracks or structural defects. If the house is covered with siding or is made using the technology of a hinged ventilated facade, then the naked eye can not see the defects. Therefore, in such a situation it is necessary to contact with appraisal company, who will be able to valuate the condition of the house.

The scaffold should be made around the perimeter of the whole house. After all, it guarantees the protection of the foundation, as well as the durability of the whole house. Rainwater drainage system should work so that the soil near the drain is not blurred.

It is necessary to pay special attention to the source of water supply. In case the water supply in the house is centralized, you should evaluate water supply. If the water comes from the well, check it in detail, read the passport of the object.

If there are other buildings on the site, then they should also be evaluated. The obvious advantage will be the availability of a garage, barn or other structures. Evaluate the land. If there’s no garden on the land, there’s no problem. Now in all garden centers you can buy five to six year old trees, which will bear the next season after planting. But the upper layer of soil should be studied. If it mainly consists of sand or clay, then in the future will have to bring to the site fertile soil.