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Rubric: Lands And Houses Evaluation

Lands And Houses Evaluation

Evaluation of land plots and residential buildings . In this category we collected some articles about this topic evaluation of real estate, which is relevant to individual housing construction. Here are solve issues related to residential real estate. Therefore, if you are interested in the market value of commercial land or non-residential buildings and structures, we suggest you to go to the appropriate section of our website.

A feature of house valuation is that it is often also necessary to evaluate the land plot, which the building is located. Although, there are exceptions to this rule, which we have written in this article.

From the point of view the determining the market value of the house as a real estate object is much more difficult than apartments or garages. As you know, appraisers focus on the price of offers of similar objects and, based on their analysis, make a conclusion about the possible price of the investigated real estate. The feature of residential houses is that in the ads for the sale of houses «hides» also the cost of land. At the same time, it is often quite difficult to separate the components of the price for land and house.

Our services include conducting real estate evaluation for court presentation. Such works require special attention, as their quality is very high requirements. Our reports during trials are sent for inspection (review) or examination. Taking into account the long-term experience of such works, we have accumulated enough experience to perform them qualitatively. Our appraisers know from experience all procedural and technical requirements for such documents. Therefore, we will not surprise the customer!

If you can’t find answers to your questions about houses evaluation and the valuation of land plots in our articles, ask for advice our experts!

How to move to the country house in a smart way

If you are tired of living in an apartment among an urban anthill, – you have to move. What is better to choose: the construction of a new house «turnkey» on the outskirts or the purchase of ready-made housing in the suburb? Reconstruct the old house or buy land and build «from scratch»? How to approach the selection of the district in the area and the specific land plot? Village or country cooperative?

Pitfalls when buying a house: what to pay attention on

Buying a private house outside the city is a very important and responsible decision. Inexperienced buyer can face a lot of «pitfalls» and unexpected problems. If a person wants to live in a country house, then in the process of selection and valuation he should pay special attention to some details.

Evaluation of Summer Houses in Ukraine

The article reveals some features of determining the cost of summer house (it’s plots and houses on them). Summer house – how many beauty memories in this words… 🙂

Taxes on sale, gift, inheritance of real estate in Ukraine

As many people know, in almost all countries of the world, any transaction with re-registration of real estate entails significant tax obligations. Ukraine is no exception. At the same time, despite the complaints of many sellers, in fact in our country, taxes on the sale of real estate are not as high as in many other countries of European Union. Our appraisers are often asked to consult not only on the direct valuation of real estate. But also for the costs that will accompany the transaction. So we decided to systematize all this information in this article.

The deposit, the advance and the preliminary contract – what’s the difference?

What is a preliminary contract of the purchase and how to arrange it correctly, than the deposit is different from the advance payment, what can be returned from it, and what is not? These issues are faced by most people who are going to buy or sell property. We tell you what is best to choose, how to avoid mistakes in the process of buying a house and paperwork.

Is it necessary to evaluate the land when evaluating a house?

As in the case of separate or general registration of documents on the house and land, it all depends on the specific case and on the purpose for which real estate is evaluated.

House in the village or cottage – what to choose? Part 2.

So, what you should look at: house in the village or cottage? … continuation of the article (part 2)

House in the village or cottage – what to choose? Part 1.

From our own experience, we recommend to pay attention to the differences between the cottage and summer house. It is those that emerge, as a rule, after the purchase. Unfortunately…

Wood-burning oven: best and worst wood

Over the past few years, wood heating has become increasingly popular for individual residential heating. Some use this type of heating as the main, others as an additional element of creating comfort in your summer house or cottage. How to choose the right wood for your favourite fireplace?

Independent power supply in the apartment or house step by step

Intermittent power outages prior to the 2022 war were due to various causes. Even then, many owners thought about how you can budget autonomous lighting in a house or apartment. In the past, the lights were out relatively infrequently, so few people have implemented the idea. However, the situation has changed dramatically since the autumn of 2022.

Residential Evaluation in Ukraine

Determining the cost of an individual residential building, summer house or cottage is a special task. When working with apartments, as a rule, there are no questions, because they are more or less standard. With houses, the situation is exactly the opposite, because each such real estate is unique. And on its market value is affected by a large number of price factors, some of which are not clear at first glance.

Valuation Of Lands in Ukraine

Determining the market value of land parcels is one of the most popular services of our appraisal company. Such work is most often carried out at the notary of transactions on the purchase and sale of plots. In addition, a large number of our expert land valuation work is ordered in the event of litigation, such as the division of property during divorce proceedings.