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What is better: Building or Buying a House

Old residential building in the middle of a field

Finished house

Alternative to building your own home from scratch – buying a finised house. You can do it in different ways:

  • buy a new cottage which was built for sale;
  • buy secondary housing;
  • purchase an old house and renovate or reconstruct it.

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages.

Buying secondary housing

Let’s consider what is cheaper: to buy or build a house on the example of the purchase of secondary housing.

The main difficulty of buying such housing is to find the option that best meets all parameters: the location of the site, the state of documents, the layout, the deterioration of the structure itself. Buying someone’s house, you risk being deceived by realtors or the sellers themselves. So that this does not happen:

  1. Carefully inspect the liked version.
  2. Identify any flaws that require your own effort to fix.
  3. Call a professional for residential evaluation.
  4. Make sure that the building has waterproofing, a good foundation, no cracks in the walls and visible defects, meet the deadlines for shrinkage (especially if the house of glued timber or profiled) does not flow roof.
  5. Feel free to visit country cottage, which you liked.

Buying an old house

Old house

Choosing what is better: build a house or buy a ready-made new, potential owners of new housing consider a compromise solution – the purchase of an old house.

The plus of such a purchase is that you can settle in the purchased property right away. And already as you accumulate funds to repair/rebuild housing. Savings on the purchase of old housing stock to be used for reconstruction and rehabilitation.


  • Questionable savings. You risk facing the fact that the building is easier to demolish and build a new one in its place.
  • Perpetual construction. It takes a lot of time to repair and redesign the house «as funds accumulate».
  • When considering the purchase of dilapidated housing, carefully study the proposed options, especially the condition of the building.

The advantage is saving time. When purchasing a finished building, the new owner can move into it, having carried out only small finishing works (provided that the old house is not bought, and the building is in good condition) or completely without additional costs if you need to move to new housing urgently.

Features of already built housing

Buying a ready-made housing, you can not worry about the need for running water, sewerage. This is more the case for housing outside the city in areas with no centralized water supply and drainage.

Buying a ready house gives the opportunity to choose the area. You can buy a house in an already populated area, in a cottage village, where the infrastructure is already established, you can see the social level of your future neighbors.

Large selection of ready-made country houses. Since many of them are built for sale, you can find ready-made implementation of almost any project.

However, there are disadvantages. Buy a new house is simple, but it can be searched for a long time. High prices, specific requirements of the buyer, lack of order in the documents on the property or it is a mortgage property. This is not a complete number of reasons why buying a house can take an indefinite amount of time.

The need to take into account specificities and correctly evaluate the land plot, on which the house is located. Important conditions are the availability of a garage space, the terrain terrain, geological conditions (no cracks in the ground, signs of landslides, subsidence of soil).

The need to redesign the purchased housing for themselves. The option, when purchased housing fully meets the wishes of new owners, is very rare. Almost always new owners do not suit the interior decoration or layout. After a long search for the ideal, many buyers stop on the compromise option, rebuilding it in the process of operation.

Hidden flaws. Often the «nuances» of the purchased housing manifest themselves after a considerable amount of time after the completion of the transaction. For example, buying a house in the summer, in the winter you can find out that the heating system is broken, that is, does not give the right amount of heat, and its work requires a lot of financial investment. In spring, the surprise can be damp in the house, the appearance of mold. Often sellers make good cosmetic repairs to hide all the shortcomings. And the buyer acquires a beautiful «picture», not knowing what it may face in the foreseeable future.

Even if the finished house is built of low-quality materials, its purchase to the new owner can cost more than building your own house. None of the sellers will admit that the construction of a two-storey house from a beam was made of wood with natural humidity, and not from a bar quality drying. Or in the fact that the foundation is used concrete of cheaper brands.

Knowing what is more expensive: to build a house by yourself or buy already built one, it is also important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of building your own suburban housing.

Building your own home

House evaluation

This is a reliable way to buy your own comfortable housing, the quality and reliability of which you will be sure. What is more profitable: to build a house or to buy ready will tell the pros and cons of new construction. If you are not ready to pay for old housing, to deal with the elimination of other people’s building errors or to spend time, money and effort in the search for the ideal ready-made option… Buy a plot and start building your house!

Advantages of building «from scratch»

A wide range of ideas and plenty of opportunities for their implementation. If you start with the right choice of the site, rather than focusing on what the new house will be, the probability that the new housing will be perfect, grow many times. Having selected a site based on its geological, geographical and aesthetic qualities, it is possible to start developing a model or individual project.

Quality control of construction at each stage. Who will build and from what materials the owner of the future house decides. By entrusting the construction of a house of glued wood with a bay window to professionals, and choosing quality material, you can be sure that the outcome of the construction will meet expectations. And the ready housing will be really good, cozy and beautiful, without further alterations and repairs.

Step-by-step financing. For example, the construction of a two-storey building with a beam, which requires a mandatory process of shrinkage and interruption in construction, takes three to six months to a year. During this period there is time to collect some part of the amount that can be used for further construction. The construction of shell or concrete houses also requires time to shrink the foundation. Step-by-step construction allows avoiding debt, not borrowing, but the process of building housing as funds become available.

The disadvantages of building a new house

  • It’s possible that construction will take several years.
  • Additional expenses of hiring construction workers.
  • There is a chance of encountering with unscrupulous builders.
  • Risk of construction price. Inflation affects all industries in the country, including the construction market. Building materials, prices for construction and finishing works can be gradually expensive, increasing the final price of the future building.

What is cheaper to build a house or buy it?

On average, the cost of completed housing is 25-30% higher than the cost of building your own house. This is the income of the developer.

Given that for the purchase of housing all the cost of the property should be posted immediately, the answer to the question what to do: buy or build a country house, for many becomes obvious. It will be more accessible to build it provided a careful approach to the selection of the project, the construction team, an informed approach to the choice of construction material. And independent control of each stage of construction. If the future owner of a dwelling is not competent in the construction, it is possible to delegate his authority to a more experienced friend or hire a vetted foreman.


Whether it is advantageous to build a house or to buy it better depends on many factors. Sometimes it is possible to buy a new house in excellent condition. It previous owners did not build for sale, but for themselves, investing in its soul, but due to circumstances decided to sell. Such acquisition can be unequivocally called a profitable purchase, especially if the cost of housing was relatively affordable. Advantageous can also be called building a house, if you approach this process wisely.