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Rubric: Evaluation of Corporate Rights

Evaluation of corporate rights

Evaluation of corporate rights – the topic is very extensive. This is due to the fact that all enterprises are different and always require the appraiser individual approach.

Most often, customers want to know first of all how much are (at least tentatively) our services to determine the cost of the share of the authorized capital. And very surprised when appraisers answer that there are no average prices, because the amount of work in each case is different.

More about this can be found in the main thematic article in this category. Here we just once again draw the attention of customers, that the evaluation of a small enterprise, which has only a table, chair and laptop on the balance sheet – is something one. Determining the market value of a company that owns real estate throughout Ukraine, a fleet or a large number of other assets – something else. It should also be borne in mind that the appraiser should also take into account other performance indicators of the enterprise: accounts receivable and payable, financial indicators for profit or loss, and so on.

And, of course, do not link the market value of corporate rights to the size of the authorized capital and the member’s share in it. The size of the authorized capital is a historical fact. Only at the moment of creation of the enterprise its value is approximately equal to the size of the authorized capital. Further in the course of economic activity, the value of the enterprise is constantly changing, and the size of the authorized capital remains the same. Unless the founders decide to increase it, but this, again, a different story.

Here are the profile articles with detailed information about our service to determine the value of corporate rights. If it is more convenient for you to get advice from appraiser by phone, you are welcome to call us!


How is the value of the enterprise determined

This question is inherently ambiguous. After all, each enterprise is unique. And, accordingly, approaches to valuation are also chosen on a case-by-case basis.

Evaluation of Corporate Rights in Ukraine