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Rubric: Archive of articles

Archive of articles

Our website is dedicated to the topic about expert evaluation of real estate and property of various types. The feature of this field of activity is that our profession usually goes «side by side» with the professions of lawyers and accountants. In other words, we, like our colleagues, work in a constantly changing legislative field. They do not get tired of come up with all new and new changes in the «rules of the game» for us.

In the main sections of the out website we constantly update the information in parallel with the progress of the situation in the market of professional valuation services. In the same archive section there are articles that are certainly still of interest to readers. However, more relevant articles have been written under these headings.

But do not be in a hurry to leave! Here you can find a lot of interesting information, including on topics related to the evaluation activity.

Metal applications in domestic sphere

About 70% of the total mass of chemical elements of the periodic table of the Mendeleev system are metals. These substances are combined with several properties, which led to their inclusion in a separate group: characteristic luster, electrical and thermal conductivity, malleability in machining, high melting point and density.

Hybrid Cars – pros and cons

Why are hybrid cars needed? How are they different from electric cars? Why pragmatic Europeans immediately took such machines, and the Ukrainian market they fill slowly but surely? Advantages and disadvantages of hybrid cars.