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10 interesting facts about trucking

Cargo transportation: auto, air, rail, sea transport

Most ordinary people can not even imagine that the sphere of trucking can be quite exciting, filled with amazing events. Of course, in the view of most trucking is simple routine: the goods are packed, loaded, transported and handed over to the customer. Howeverm this is not all like that, because the sphere of trucking is much bigger, more interesting and more diverse than you can even imagine. In this article we tell about the most interesting and unique facts from the history of freight transport, thanks to which the opinion on this area can completely change.

A bit of history

The first historical facts of large-scale trucking date back to the second century BC, when trade caravans moved along the Great Silk Road. In the countries of Europe from Asia were transported many unique products that could be found only in the East. Caravans, for thousands of kilometers transported spices, silks, gunpowder and other curiosities that could be sold profitably in the West. It is worth noting that on its scale, it is a unique example of logistics of the ancient world.

German mentality and transportation… of the church

Of course, these days it is difficult to surprise someone with a simple move with a car and loaders. But have you ever heard of moving entire buildings? One German transport company executed a very strange, even surprising order – transported the old Catholic church from place to place.

The main problem was that the church could not be dismantled and then assembled the building. After all, according to pedantic Germans, this would violate the historical value of the architectural structure. That is why it was decided to remove the church from the foundation with the help of two heavy-duty cranes, and for transportation to the new place to use a reinforced wheeled tractor. And it worked, because the church was not hurt!

Most popular trade route

Dover Strait, also known as Pas de Calais – the busiest sea trade route in the world. Every day more than 500 cargo ships sail through the waters of this strait. It is interesting that even more transport ships sail through the Malacca Strait in a day, but the total tonnage there is much less. That is why the Dover Strait is even listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the busiest transport route.

The most expensive and deepest cargo

During World War II, an English ship carrying over 200 tons of silver bars was sunk near the Irish coast during the fighting. The crash site was discovered 70 years later. However, the problem was that the remains of the ship lie at a depth of 4.7 km.

However, thanks to modern technical means, the researchers were still able to lift more than 55 tons of silver from the bottom of the sunken ship. Their total cost exceeds 200 million dollars. At present, it is not only the most expensive cargo lifted from the ocean floor, but also the deepest one that has managed to raise to the surface.

The benefits to science

Sometimes it is necessary to develop separate means of transport for the purpose of carrying only one cargo. A unique example is the development of a large wheeled conveyor in Chile. Its main task was to deliver elements of the ALMA research observatory to the Andean highlands.

The cargo was lifted to an altitude of more than five kilometers. Thanks to this, scientists were able to observe celestial luminaries and work on new discoveries in space.

Floating on the Sea Troll

The largest sea transport in history can rightly be called the transportation of the oil production platform Troll from Norway. The height of the platform was 472.5 m, and the total weight reached almost 700 thousand tons. Thanks to powerful sea tugs, the cargo was not only successfully delivered, but also made history.

Reactive cargo carrier

The fastest truck was designed based on Peterbilt. Three jet engines were installed on the machine, so the maximum speed can reach 612 km/h!

The weight of the truck exceeds 3.2 tons The four-hundred-metre jet truck runs in just six seconds, but consumes more than 450 litres of fuel. The possibility of practical use of such transport has not yet been found, but the Guinness Book of World Records he has exactly burst into reactive speed!

Long braking distance

It takes 40% more time for an 18-wheeler to stop completely than a car. The trucks are equipped with a special system of 10 high-power brakes. For example, it would take more than 150 m of braking distance and approximately 5-7 seconds to stop completely when driving at 90 km/h.

A stowaway who’s traveled around the world

Many probably believe that it is impossible to travel in freight containers. Of course, it is dangerous and completely inconvenient. But not for the resident of Denmark T. Pedersen, who traveled almost the whole world, but never bought tickets for planes, ships or trains.

An enterprising Danish organized the intercontinental delivery of office accessories and equipment on ships. Only he didn’t warn the carrier that he was going in the shipping container and himself. Thus, the Dane was able to travel fairly budget long distances.

Fighting for women’s rights

The first woman in history to get a license to drive a truck was United States resident Lilly McGee Drennan. It happened back in 1929, when the struggle for women’s rights was just beginning.

The event became so resonant that the carrier company, where the woman worked, chose for her the best and modern machine. And the trailer even wrote her name. In addition, it is known that the woman always, on all their trips, took firearms.